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Welcome to the Adoptive Families 2005 Adoption Guide! Each year Adoptive Families magazine prepares an up-to-date introduction to the world of adoption. You'll find everything you need to know about how to adopt below. We've compiled links to great overview articles, personal stories, tools and checklists, and adoption attorney and adoption agency listings across the country. So, if you are just starting out, we have good news for you: You too can adopt a child! And we're going to help you figure out your best route to adoption success.
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10 Steps to Adoption
by Chris Adamec
You can do it!

What's New in Adoption?
by Susan Freivalds
New laws and rulings benefit adoptive families

Adoption Options
by Lois Gilman and Susan Freivalds
Today's adoptive parents have more choices than ever. Here's an overview of how they work and what they cost.

How We Decided
by Adoptive Families Readers
Each family finds the adoptions route that's right for them.

Help with Adoption Expenses
by Adoptive Families staff
Where there's a will, there's a way.

Special Circumstances
by Lucia Moses
Single, gay, older, living abroad? Here's what you need to know.

Surviving the Homestudy
by Lucia Moses
Use the homestudy to learn all about adoption.

Independent Adoption
by Mark T. McDermott
Thousands of newborns are placed each year through private adoptions.

How Do You Talk to a Potential Birthmother?
by Nelson Handel
The key is to establish authentic, human connection.

Choosing an Agency
by Jennifer O'Riordan
Put your research and networking skills to work.

Adopting Internationally
by Susan Freivalds
Every year more American families include a child adopted abroad.

Adoption Medicine
by David Tuller
A new medical specialty helps families adopt.

New Hope For Kids in Foster Care
by Madelyn Freundlich
Thanks to changes in the law, more and more families are taking a look at foster adoption.


Raising California
by Nelson Handel

The Reluctant Spouse
by Jill Smolowe
Don't be surprised if your mate resists adoption even as you're embracing it.

by Jeanne Marie Laskas
Do you need an inner Martha Stewart to pass the home study?

Our Open Adoption
by Julie Branigan
Getting to know our child's birthmother was a blessing.

The Truth About Domestic Adoption
by Eliza Newlin Carney
A mother confronts common misperceptions about adopting in the U.S.

Finally, Our Turn!
by Kim Rapier
First-time parent at 41? What a sweet mid-life crisis!

Our Journey to Lucy
by Christina Frank and Josh Lerman
What is it really like to adopt internationally?

Helpless Love
by Barbara Jones
The irrevocable moment you become a parent is the instant the idea of your child enters your heart forever.

Our Journey to China
by Dorit Opher Shapiro
A family of three becomes a family of four.

Someone to Watch Over Me
by Janis Cooke Newman
A Russian toddler flourishes despite a babyhood in an orphanage abroad.

An Unmatched Set
by Jana Wolff
Could I love a child who doesn't look like me? Yes!

Special Delivery
by Kate McKee Robertson
Adopting older children turned out to be right for us.

The Second Half of My Life
by Shiela Stainback
Could I love a child who doesn't look like me? Yes!

Expecting the Unexpected
by Lyssa Friedman


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Costs and Timing

Easing a Spouse's Reluctance

Risks and Benefits of Adopting Independently

Hiring an Adoption Attorney

Using the Internet to Adopt

Writing a Dear Birthmother Letter

Creating a Profile

How to Research an Adoption Agency

Telling It Like It Is

International Adoption Trends

Considering Transracial Adoption?

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Best Adoption Books

Adoption Terms: A glossary

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