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The Adoption Planner

By logging on to Adoptive Families' pre-adoption Web page, you've taken the first step toward building your family through adoption. While the journey ahead may seem complex, the Adoption Planner will help you develop an action plan to lead you to your child. We've provided worksheets to download, with complementary Web resources, that will take you step-by-step through the process. Good luck!

Download the entire planner here, or page-by-page below:

Page 1: Decision Matrix

International? U.S. infant? Adoption from foster care? Work your way through this decision matrix for a preliminary indication of the adoption route that may be right for you.

Web resources from the Decision Matrix:

Page 2: Adoption Timeline

The Adoption Timeline outlines the broad objectives, tasks, and financial implications for each stage of the adoption process, from the educating yourself about adoption and making the decision through placement and finalization.

Web resources from the Adoption Timeline:

Page 3: Sample Adoption Budget

For a comparison of the average cost to adopt by type, see the overview budget. Or download a more detailed sample budget for either a domestic U.S. infant, China, or Russia adoption in an Excel spreadsheet.

Web resources from the Sample Adoption Budget:

Page 4: Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency

Deciding on an adoption agency can feel like an overwhelming task. Download, print, and fill out one copy of this page for each agency you consider. Find more information about each agency on our online database.

Web resources from Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency:

Page 5: Questions to Ask an Adoption Attorney

Deciding on an adoption attorney can be an organizational challenge. Download, print, and fill out one copy of this page for each attorney you consider. Read a statement of philosophy from each attorney in our online database.

Web resources from Questions to Ask an Adoption Attorney:

Page 6: Preparing for Your Homestudy

Your homestudy will not only assess your ability to parent a child through adoption, it will also help you understand more about adoption and parenting. Give some thought to the topics and questions on this worksheet, which includes a quick document checklist.

Web resources from Preparing Your Homestudy:

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