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Share Your Story: Homestudy Prep

We asked the AF Reader Panel: Did you do anything special to prepare for your homestudy?

Cleaned Every Corner

My husband and I imagined a social worker peering in our closets for cobwebs and scouring our garage for dangerous tools. But our social worker made us feel at ease instantly. When asked if she wanted to inspect our garage and closets, she just laughed.
—Angela Forensic

Excited Tour Guide

We cleaned everything in sight! Our six-year-old son was very excited to serve as the "tour guide." When we got to his bedroom, he said, "Hey! Who cleaned up my room?" Luckily, our social worker just laughed, while my husband and I turned red. But then, she asked to see the basement—the place where we had thrown anything we didn't have room for upstairs. Despite our cluttered basement, she wrote a wonderful report. Now, we're waiting for our referral and really cleaning up the basement.
—Sherri Powell-Hulcher

Domestic Diva

I made banana bread for the social worker. As a full-time accountant, I thought it would make me appear more domestic. Now that I'm a full-time mom, I am truly domestic: The house is rarely spotless and I hardly ever have time to bake!
—Terri Stanik

Old Pros

Our large family has been homestudied six times over the last 16 years. We've developed a formula that seems to work well: Deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen; clear the clutter, inside and out; fix a meat/veggie/cheese platter; relax and welcome the worker into your home!
—Stephanie Mullins

A sense of control

Our homestudy prompted us to finally finish tiling our kitchen and frame family photos. My husband and I baked for the visit and discussed at length our answers to possible questions. It all seems a little crazy now, but, at the time, it gave us a small sense of control in what felt like a powerless situation.
—Roanne Stout

Updating the Process

We're on our fourth homestudy and the process is beginning to wear on us. We moved between adoptions, and have been forced to start from scratch. We propose a "universal homestudy" that can be updated and accepted across state lines.
—Prue Addy

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