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Bringing the entire Foster to Adopt issue to the lime light is one of the best things that could happen. So many children are in the system that need homes and forever families that this is the prayer they truly needed. We are in the process of adopting a set of twin boys whom we received in to our care when they were only 3 days old. They have five other siblings, all who either have been or will be adopted by other families, and have a sixth sibling on the way. We have been through the emotions, as we are with every child that comes into our home, but this last 15 months have been a true rollercoaster. We look forward to receiveing our court date and finalization. We also hope to add one more child past these two wonderful additions. When it comes to the case workers remember one thing, you may work for the county, but not your case worker, go back to your homefinder and file the complaint when you are not being treated with kindness and respect. Too often the case workers are stressed out, overloaded or have had to deal with situations that sometimes leave them feeling powerless. Do not be afraid to adress it with their supervisors as well, maybe a change in caseworkers needs to happen, remeber you are a part of this childs team. Don't let your part of the link stress for all of the wrong reasons. To take on this path of building your family not only takes time, patience and energy, it takes faith, hope and love as well. God bless and good luck to all of the families that take on this challenge.

Posted by: Mary at 10:47am Feb 5

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