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It’s NOT the Stork!

by Robie H. Harris; illustrated by Michael Emberley Candlewick Press; $16.99ie Harris

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Where do babies come from? No, not the stork. And the answer isn’t an airplane, either! As parents in families formed through adoption, chances are, we’ll have a few extra misconceptions to correct when it comes to explaining the birds and the bees.

I love to retell the stories of both our 10-year-old biological son, Aaron, and feisty six-year-old, Natalie, adopted from Russia. But lately, after Natalie hears the story of how we traveled to Russia and fell in love with her at first sight at her orphanage, she demands, “Now, tell about when Aaron was in his Russia.”

Not everyone has their own “Russia,” but now we all have It’s NOT the Stork! This book follows two other excellent books by the same author-illustrator team: It’s So Amazing! A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies and Families (ages seven and up) and It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health (ages 10 and up). All three contain the nitty-gritty about the human body and reproduction—masterfully tailored to the target age group.

Even better, all three showcase the diversity of families. In a two-page spread on families, It’s NOT the Stork! explains: “Almost all babies grow up in and are loved and taken care of by a family. Most babies are born into their family. Some babies and children are adopted into their family.”

Now that I have this three-book series in our family library, the next time Natalie asks a question about babies, I’ll know where to turn.

Reviewed by Kay Marner, a mother by birth and adoption. She works at the public library in Ames, Iowa.


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