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Thumbs Down to Walt Disney Pictures and Meet the Robinsons


April 2007: Thumbs down to Walt Disney's Meet the Robinsons, for its grossly insensitive and inaccurate portrayal of adoption issues. In the animated feature, the central character is a newborn infant who is left at the doorstep of an orphanage and who spends the next 12 years of his life searching unsuccessfully for a home—in total, over 100 prospective families reject him.

Although the film carries a G-rating, its themes of parental abandonment and rejection by potential adoptive parents can be highly upsetting for many children. Other storylines—the movie emphasizes the "real mother" theme, and the character ultimately rejects his birthmother after finding her—are disturbing to adoptive parents and birthparents alike.

Since the movie's release last month, Adoptive Families has heard numerous complaints from readers, who took their children to see what was heavily advertised as a fun and entertaining family experience. Instead, many parents report that they left the movie theater angered and shocked, and their children, distressed and fearful.

"This movie is an adoption nightmare. It rubs salt into every adoption trauma my kids have," says AF reader Christine. "My son had a meltdown an hour later and a nightmare that night. My daughter wouldn't go to preschool because she was afraid that I wouldn't return for her."

Another AF reader, Kristen, says, "How sad that in today's society, where so many families are created by adoption, we have to worry about how a movie like that will affect our children."

"People not touched by adoption just don't get it," adds Christine.

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