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30 Ways to Celebrate Adoption


1- Write a letter to the editor whenever you see a positive or negative story concerning adoption.

Find an adult adoptee who would be willing to be a mentor for your child. Arrange for them to get together on a monthly basis.

3- Ask your local TV or radio station to broadcast a segment featuring a waiting child in your state

4- Rent a video that portrays adoption in a positive light for your family to watch and discuss. Try Immediate Family, Losing Isaiah, or Secrets and Lies

5- Plan craft activities or holiday ornaments incorporating designs from your child's heritage. For recipes, crafts, activities, and other ideas, see

6- Find out where your representatives at the state and national levels stand on adoption issues. Write them regarding your concerns.

7- Learn about positive adoption language. Send for the free Guide to Adoption Terminology, from NAC, 1930 17th St., NW, Washington, DC 20009, or go online to

8- Ask your library to feature adoption books in an attractive book display to commemorate National Adoption Awareness Month.

9- Send a tax deductible donation to your favorite adoption organization.

10- Invite local adoptive families to your home for hot chocolate and cookies. Announce the event in your community newspaper.

11- Start a scrapbook with your child. Talk about significant events as you record them together.

12- Donate a set of adoption books for children to your local elementary school.

13- Offer to read a story about adoption to your child's class at school. ( But remember to ask your child first!)

14- Do a presentation about adoption at a school faculty meeting. Volunteer for a school committee to review curriculum.

15- Send a thank you note to your child's teacher for allowing you to share adoption information. Send a copy to the principal.

16- Ask family members to write a letter to your child's birthmother. Read what each person wrote and discuss them together.

17- Attend one of the celebrations taking place in many states honoring children adopted from foster care.

18- Check the calendar at to see if there is a conference in your area.

19- Pass along an adoption-related article or adoption-related item of interest to another adoptive parent or friend.

20- Ask your employer to feature a waiting child in the company newsletter. Promote the child in your community newspaper.

21- Get involved with an adoptive parent support group. Find one nearby on the Adoptive Families website,

22- Develop a family ritual to show your thanks for and to celebrate your family and the special way adoption brought you together. See for ideas.BR>
23- As you plan Sunday dinner, choose one dish from your child's ethnic heritage to include in the meal.

24- Start a tradition of taking a family photograph each year on the same day so you can see how the family has changed.

25- Help your place of worship organize a service to give thanks for children. Find an example of an adoption liturgy at

26- Read an adoption story to your child.

Advocate for equitable adoption leave and benefits at your place of employment.

28- Together, light a candle in honor of your child's birthparents. Turn off the lights and hold hands as you watch the flames.

29- As a family, talk about what you know and what you don't know about your child's past.

30- Write an account of a local adoptive family that has done something significant for adoption and send it to the local newspaper.

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