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Picture Perfect!
We received more than 6,000 entries to the 2008 contest! Selecting the 14 winning shots was difficult, but we hope you'll agree they're flat-out adorable. Ooh, ahh, and then share your thoughts about the photos using the comment function below.

Grand Prize Portrait
Lucas (8, South Korea), son of Debbie and Steve Keighton; Blacksburg, Virginia // Photographer: Debbie Keighton

“You can’t tell it from the photo, but Lucas was not having a good day. I thought he looked so cute in his black hat, though, and I wanted to take some photos. I said something like, ‘Oh, come on, Lucas, give us a smile.’ He complied, giving his trademark mischievous, beautiful grin.”  —Debbie Keighton

Grand Prize Candid
Cade, Britt, and Cort (5, 4, and 3; U.S.), sons of Denise and Robb Kaufmann; Texas // Photographer: Denise Kaufmann

“My three boys are just one year apart, so they’re very close—they act like triplets. I love that this photo captures their closeness in a literal way. They’re having a grand time crowding onto one side of a teeter-totter. It takes all three to balance my husband, who’s sitting on the other side.”   —Denise Kaufmann

Runner Up
Ash (3, Uzbekistan), son of Robyn and Bernie Lockard; Indiana, Pennsylvania // Photographer: Bernie Lockard

“Ash was in our pool every day last summer. My husband scuba dives, so, one day, he decided to jump in with his underwater camera. This shot captures how much Ash loves to swim—just look at that big smile on his face when he’s in the water.”   —Robyn Lockard

Runner Up
Zoie Senait (7 mos., Ethiopia), daughter of Kari and Roger Gibson; Branson, Missouri // Photographer: Heather Jenkins

“We bought this dress on the streets of Addis Ababa on our adoption trip. Zoie was so tiny, she swam in this dress. This photo was taken when she’d been home for just two months. I decided to try the dress on her, and was amazed to see that it fit perfectly. She’s flourished in our family. When we got the photo back, it felt like our journey was complete.”  —Kari Gibson

Runner Up
Paula and Shawna (both 2, U.S. foster), daughters of Julie and Joseph Bingham, Rancho Cordova, California // Photographer: Julie Bingham

“We were in the kitchen, getting messy washing and eating fresh fruit. The kitchen is my girls’ favorite place to be, and they had a sister moment, with sunlight streaming onto them through the window. In our photos, one of the twins is usually pouting or making a funny face. Very rarely do I get these tender scenes.”  —Julie Bingham

Runner Up
Amelie and Ayla
(4 and 2, U.S.), daughters of Simone Mul-Baker and Scott Baker; Boise, Idaho // Photographer: Simone Mul-Baker

“Last June, we went on vacation to Kauai. It was the first time my girls ever saw the sea. I trundled them out of bed at 6 a.m. because I wanted some shots of them on the beach before it got crowded. But they didn’t mind. They found this log, plunked themselves down, and were content to point out cloud formations as the day began.” —Simone Mul-Baker

Runner Up
Emily (5, China), daughter of Carmelita and Christopher Thomson; Redondo Beach, California // Photographer: Christopher Thomson

“I took this photo of Emily on the steps down to the beach near our house. Emily loves getting her picture taken, and she’s a natural. I always have my camera with me, and she’s always posing. On that day, the late-afternoon light was just perfect.” —Christopher Thomson

Runner Up
Elijah (3, U.S.), son of Lisa and Steve Scott; Martinez, California // Photographer: Deb Wat

“Though he’s only three, Elijah has a deep passion for baseball. I wanted to capture him in his element as we played at a ballfield near our house. When we were finished taking photos—and, thus, playing baseball—for the day, Eli threw down his cap and walked off the field. We’re counting the days until he turns five, when we can sign him up for T-ball.”  —Lisa Scott

Runner Up
Merannah and Miranda (both 2, Russia), daughters of Laura and Jason Wilkerson; Georgetown, Indiana // Photographer: Laura Wilkerson

“I took this photo last spring, on vacation in Tennessee. My twins are happy-go-lucky people, and this photo captured their personalities. They’re always holding hands, and I love dressing them alike, but I make a concession for different-colored hair bows—it’s easier to tell them apart when their backs are turned.”  —Laura Wilkerson

Runner Up
Eden (3 mos., U.S.), son of Ivy and William; New Jersey // Photographer: William

“We have a wrought-iron rocking chair in our backyard, and Eden was sitting in my lap getting some sun when he dozed off. He was three months old, and I still couldn’t get over the beauty of this little guy. My husband came home, found us out there, and took this shot.”  —Ivy

Runner Up
Rubie Eloise (2, U.S.), daughter of Julie and Ramon Navarro; Rancho Cucamonga, California // Photographer: Julie Navarro

“I took this photo in our bathroom. I do Rubie’s hair there every morning. On this morning, she started singing, so I ran and grabbed my camera. It was just an ordinary day, but Rubie was so happy, and I wanted to capture that.”  —Julie Navarro

Runner Up
Payton (2, U.S.), daughter of Amanda and Brian Bagley; Winchester, Idaho // Photographer: Amanda Bagley

“I had just come home from a trip and surprised Payton with this ballerina dress. The first words out of her mouth were, ‘That’s my most beautiful dress.’ She immediately put it on, then spent all day twirling in the backyard. I took plenty of photos, because it took three days to coax her out of it!”  —Amanda Bagley

Runner Up
Laney Ana (2, Guatemala), daughter of Mary and Brent Sawyer; Ventura, California // Photographer: Julianne Fishell

“My sister-in-law is a photographer, so she’s been capturing Laney since she came home. For this shoot, we visited an historic adobe and dressed Laney in one of the outfits we bought on our adoption trip. My strong-willed daughter is not a poser. We don’t have any snapshots of her just standing and smiling for the camera—but I think every photo we have of her is gorgeous.”  —Mary Sawyer

Runner Up
Aaron (2, China), son of Linda and Jeff Lang; Troy, New York // Photographer: Linda Lang

“It was a hot summer day, and Aaron was playing with the sprinkler in the backyard, running through the stream and trying to catch water droplets on his tongue. The wetter he got, the happier he got! This photo is so Aaron. He finds joy in the simplest things—I try to see the world through his eyes.”  —Linda Lang

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