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Adoptive Families' New Book: You Can Adopt

By Susan Caughman and Isolde Motley (Ballantine Books)

From the editors of Adoptive Families magazine comes You Can Adopt, a comprehensive guide to help parents navigate the adoption process.

You Can Adopt includes:

  • Advice on making the decision to adopt—and selecting the adoption agency or adoption professional who is right for your family

  • Expert information to guide you through every aspect of each stage

  • A discussion of the financial, legal, and emotional issues involved

  • Practical lists, tips, and tools—plus, a budget planner, timelines, and overviews of adoption options in easy-to-read chart form

  • Real-life stories and suggestions from adoptive parents, and more!

 Praise for You Can Adopt

"An excellent handbook... this thorough and honest resource stands out among other books on the topic in both its comprehensiveness and the authors' candor. Rather than endorsing any one way to adopt, the [authors] examine many approaches and outline the benefits and pitfalls of each." Booklist (starred review)

"A satisfying combination of facts and guidelines that are simple to follow with the supportive, lyrical, sentimental and experienced words of those who have lived the experiences of every aspect of the process from beginning to end."—Dr. Jane Aronson, director, International Pediatric Health Services, and CEO, Worldwide Orphans Foundation

"An absolute must-read. These tales are hauntingly beautiful, all about the astonishing power of love between children and parents who in so many cases seemed eerily destined to be together. This book convinced me: If you want to do so, you can adopt—and it will be the best thing you’ve ever done."
—Susan Kane, editor-in-chief, Parenting Magazine

"The definitive guide to adoption: readable, reliable, and comprehensive. Every possible question—even the most sensitive—is answered here, and the companion website ensures the information will never go out of date."
—Mark T. McDermott, past president, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

"A necessary resource for anyone considering adoption. Going far beyond what you find on the Internet, You Can Adopt filters through the noise and gathers the best there is to know on the experience of adopting." —Susan Soonkeum Cox, vice president, Holt International Children’s Services

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