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Let the Games Begin!

We had only been "active" with our adoption agency for two months. So when my husband went on a camping trip with no cell reception, we thought, What could go wrong?

by Lainie C.

It was Easter Sunday 2011. My three-year-old son and I were celebrating the holiday at my mother-in-law's while my husband and some friends attended a bluegrass festival in a rural section of North Carolina. We'd been "active" with our adoption agency for just over two months, and were sure that a trip would be fine so early in the wait.

Because of my husband's lack of cell reception at the festival, our once-a-day call had just ended with a confirmation that we'd talk when he got to the airport the next day for his journey home. I saw I had a missed call from our lawyer and listened to a message asking me to call back immediately. I wondered what was up--it had to be something to make him call on Easter!

A potential couple we had known about the week before had dropped out of sight. We didn't think much about it, as we had very little information and no commitment was made on either end about the baby. We did know the baby was due at the end of May. When I called our lawyer, he told me that that couple had phoned him at 2 A.M. to say they'd had the baby and they wanted to place the child immediately! I was so shocked that I didn't even ask the sex of the baby. There was a caveat. My husband and I both had to fly south and be at the hospital by 4 P.M. the next day. All I said was, "Let the games begin."

I began by calling my husband, but, as I'd expected, his phone was turned off. I plunged ahead, booking a flight, hotel, and car, leaving my son at my mother-in-law's, and rushing home to pack. Thus began my all-night mission to reach my husband to let him know we were going to be parents again, tomorrow! I called the friends who were with him, their spouses, and their parents, to no avail. I called the festival to have him paged, but the person I spoke with laughed and said, "There are 40,000 people here, Sweetie." I kept on trying to call my husband and must have left 20 messages, as did the rest of my family. That made me feel as if I were doing at least something. I went ahead and changed his flight to go directly south, instead of home, and prayed he would call me as we had planned. I went to bed at 3 A.M. with a heavy heart.

After a few hours' sleep, I woke up, got to the airport, and waited and waited and waited for him to call. My lawyer called to check in and I had to admit that my husband still had no idea what was going on and might not be able to make it down that day. The lawyer confirmed that he had to be there.

As I stepped onto the jet way, my phone rang. What a relief! "Why are there 60 messages on my phone?" my husband asked. Holding back my tears of joy, I told him what I knew. He was able to make the changed flight, and we met at the hospital just in time to sign the paperwork.

My husband looked a little disheveled after four days of camping, and we were both in shock about the events of the last 24 hours, but we were thrilled to meet our beautiful new baby boy together. We'll never forget our Easter adoption adventure.


LAINIE C. works full time in TV production and is a mom of three beautiful boys. She and her husband spend most of their free time chasing after above mentioned beautiful boys.

PHOTO: Liam (11 months, U.S.) gives a belly laugh as Mom snaps his picture.



On our Facebook page we asked readers: Adoption stories often involve serendipity. Please share any amazing coincidences that arose on your journey to family. Here are some of your responses:

  • "When our son's birthmom started to consider adoption, she googled 'adoption' and 'Michigan,' and our profile popped up. She thought, 'They seem nice!' and called our agency, but didn't mention us. Her caseworker selected a few profiles based on the type of family she said she wanted--including ours! When we met, we discovered that we had both lost our mothers when we were 12 years old. I think our moms were up there working together to make this happen."
  • "I wanted to name my daughter Karina. My husband and sons wanted another name, and they won out. The night before we left for Kazakhstan, I asked my husband, 'What if her given name is Karina?' He said, 'What are the chances of that?' Less than a week later, when the doctor brought in a beautiful little girl and we asked what her name was, guess what the doctor said? Karina! My daughter loves hearing that story."
  • "My husband and I met at a sci-fi convention, and we met our son's birth grandmother at the same convention the year after we married. I always say VisionCon brought me two of the most important men in my life."
  • "Our then five-year-old daughter woke up crying one morning. She was upset because she had wished on a star for a baby brother, but her wish hadn't come true. That day, we got the call saying we were matched."
  • "I share a birthday with the birthmother of one of my sons. Our son was born one month early, exactly nine months after our last attempt at fertility treatment."
  • "I was adopted in 1966. My parents often told me about the day they met me and how beautiful it was. In the story they always mentioned another baby at the agency, who was waiting to be adopted, too. Fast-forward to 1998: I had completed my birth family search and was assisting others in my city. Whom did I end up helping? That other baby who was adopted from the same agency on the same day. Her parents had told her a similar story about the beautiful day they met."
  • "My husband is a cancer survivor, and we always celebrate the date he received the bone marrow transplant that saved his life, July 22, with a glass of champagne. When we received paperwork from Chinese officials saying we were approved to adopt, it was stamped 'July 22.' Finally, our daughter's birthdate is July 16. Her finding ad states that she was found when she was approximately six days old: JULY 22! No doubt she was meant to be our little girl."

Where were you and what were you doing when you got the call? Share your story at the U.S. Newborn Waiting Parents group at Adoptive Families Circle.

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