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Welcome Home: Our Adoption Announcements

We asked AF readers to share their child's adoption announcements, and we were stunned by the creativity shown in your responses. These are a handful of our favorites.

from AF readers

"Azeb's integration into our family was difficult, and there were many tears, so I chose a photo with a tear in her eye. The bright pink flowers against the black background represent her strong will, spark, and determination to make it through the rough, dark times." --Connie Kauenhofen
PHOTOS: Connie Kauenhofen; DESIGN: Ramona Wiebe
Azeb's adoption announcement

"Our son, Jon, was born in November, so I designed a folded announcement/holiday car, printing the tagline BEST GIFT EVER over photos of him in a semi-swaddled state." --Brent Almond
Jon's adoption announcement

"After receiving our referral, we were so excited to share the news that we used that photo, taken when Levi was one week old, in our announcement. I love that the designer incorporated a little map of Taiwan with a heart over the city where he was born." --Angela Elder
PHOTO: Ashleigh Hatcher; DESIGN: Heather McGuire
Levi's adoption announcement

"I based this announcement for my son, Oliver, on the design of our adoption profile. Our use of the term 'family day' on the card elicited many opportunities to enlighten people about modern-day (i.e., open) adoption." --Margo
Oliver's adoption announcement

"As you can see from our announcement, Gina and I are big baseball (specifically, Phillies) fans, and we named our son after the Baseball Hall of Fame: Cooperstown! On the inside, the card contained a poem we wrote that can be sung to the tune of 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic.'" --Jill Fenton

The Battle Hymn of the Adoption

Sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Glory, Glory, Hallelujah)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of a half a century
I still have all my own teeth and I've "been all I can be!"
I'm blessed with health and happiness yet still I must decree:
My life was incomplete.
Cooper Max, make your arrival
Cooper Max, make your arrival
Cooper Max, make your arrival
My life was incomplete.
I had seen her at a meeting in the Lansdale wintery
She was talented and pretty and thank God she fell for me.
Together we were perfect, but we longed to make it three:
Our life was incomplete.
Cooper Max, make your arrival
Cooper Max, make your arrival
Cooper Max, make your arrival
My life was incomplete.
We tried to make a baby and we shopped on-line for sperm
The process was quite grueling but the tests would not affirm
Deep down we knew adoption was the place for us long-term:
Our life was incomplete.
Cooper Max, make your arrival
Cooper Max, make your arrival
Cooper Max, make your arrival
My life was incomplete.
Through many disappointments love and courage didn't retreat
Our goal was to be Mommies and to own a potty seat
A February snowstorm changed our lives in a heart-beat
Our life is now complete!
Cooper Max, made his arrival
Cooper Max, made his arrival
Cooper Max, made his arrival
Our life is now complete!

Cooper Max's adoption announcement

"This photo of the three of us was taken at our first family photo shoot, one month after bringing Emery home from Colombia. It so resembles the family we longed for for so many years." --Angela Miller
PHOTO: Nikki Parrish, The Sublime Soul; DESIGN: Coloring Cricket
Emery's adoption announcement

"We returned home from the DRC just days before Bailey's first birthday, so we celebrated with just the three of us. In the photo on the right she's 'enjoying' her cake. She was covered head to toe in frosting! I think she liked playing in it more than eating it." --Jenny Cramer
PHOTO: Travis Cramer and Haley Gray; DESIGN: Ashley Rippke
Bailey's adoption announcement

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