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2006 Adoptive Families Photo Contest Winners

From bubbles to bathtubs to grandpa's work boots, the winning photos—chosen by our judges from over 4,000 shots—skillfully capture kids at their sweetest.

Grand Prize Portrait
Zachary and Miranda (twins, 5, U.S.), children of Allen and Erika Holmes, Michigan || Photographer: Renee Hinkle, Sears Portrait Studio

"It was the twins' fifth birthday. To get this shot, Renée, the photographer, told Zachary that he was ‘The Man,' and had Miranda think of ‘stinky and funny sounds' she hears at home. It got them both to laugh and smile." —Erika Holmes

Grand Prize Candid
Ravi (1, U.S.), son of Adina and Leon, Tennessee || Photographer: Adina

"I took this while Ravi and I were at my parents' Tennessee cabin, helping my dad refinish a door. Ravi loves to try to put on shoes, and my dad's work boots were no exception. He just flopped around, laughing. He is always making everybody crack up." —Adina

Runner Up: 0-11 Months
Mariya (11 months, Russia), daughter of Joseph and Kathy Laskowski, Wisconsin || Photographer: Kathy Laskowski

Runner Up: 0-11 Months
Camille (10 months, Taiwan), daughter of Adam and Lucia Saperstein, Florida || Photographer: Amy Klink

"After we received our referral, I purchased this antique Chinese chair, knowing it would go to Camille one day. We have a series of photos of Camille and her brother Noah on that chair, and I hope we'll be able to keep it up every year." —Lucia Saperstein

Runner Up: 0-11 Months
Ruby (9 months, U.S.), daughter of Aaryn and Sam Belfer, California || Photographer: Tina Cockburn

Runner Up: 1-2 Years
Lilee (2, U.S.), daughter of Laura and Ray, New York || Photographer: Ray

Runner Up: 1-2 Years
Pearl (2, China) and Nel, 4, daughters of Bryan Decker and Jennifer Gavin, Massachusetts || Photographer: Bryan Decker

Runner Up: 1-2 Years
Zora (1, China), daughter of Katie and Mike Farnum, Pennsylvania || Photographer: Katie Farnum

"This photo was taken at the one-year reunion of our 'China family,' which includes all the families that went to Fujian together to meet our children for the first time. Zora loves bubbles, and although I knew the bubble liquid was tumbling out, I didn't have the heart to interrupt her Zen moment. Sometimes thinking about blowing bubbles is even more important than the bubbles themselves." —Katie Farnum

Runner Up: 3-4 Years
Nicole (3, U.S.), daughter of Anthony and Darlene, Florida || Photographer: Darlene

Runner Up: 1-2 Years
Corinna (4, Kazakhstan) daughter of Kelly Plitt, Wisconsin || Photographer: Kelly Plitt

"It was a cold January day. As we were leaving to run an errand, Corinna wrapped her scarf around her head, which I thought was especially cute. I grabbed my camera and snapped seven or eight photos. This shot stood out because of her intense expression, and remains one of my favorite photos of Cori." —Kelly Plitt

Runner Up: 3-4 Years
Madison and Emily (4 and 3, China), daughters of Steve and Renae Hartson, Minnesota || Photographer: Jen Schultz

Runner Up: 5+ Years
Karsen (6, Kazakhstan), daughter of Jeanne Strong, Virginia || Photographer: Patricia Lyons

Runner Up: 5+ Years
Jhon (9, Colombia), son of Sonja and Willie Payne, Illinois || Photographer: Sonja Payne

Runner Up: 5+ Years
Carlos (5, Guatemala), son of Art and Rhonda Fabbro, Michigan || Photographer: Tim Priest

"Carlos is always running around—I can't get a picture of him that's not blurry! But Tim, the photographer, caught him in a moment of calm. Though Carlos looks older in this picture, I think the red Band-Aid on his finger is a telltale sign of a little boy!" —Rhonda Fabbro

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