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Making It Work: Top Adoption-Friendly Companies

Let's hear it for companies that get the message: Adoption benefits are vital in today's workplace.

Adoption support at work is moving into the mainstream. Reimbursement of adoption expenses up to $10,000, paid adoption leave up to three months (in addition to Family and Medical Leave Act time), and flexible work arrangements are some of the benefits now on the table.

If your company's adoption benefits aren't up to snuff, do something! Make an appointment with a big cheese at your company and recommend that adoption benefits be introduced or expanded. Or send a persuasive letter stating the case (download Adoptive Families' Instant Letter here). Don't forget to use the adoption-benefits statements, provided by the companies below, to help you make your case: Adoption benefits are becoming mainstream, and that employee goodwill and loyalty will rise, despite a very low utilization rate.

United Business Media benefits statement: download PDF (80kb)
Citizens Financial Group/RBS Americas benefits statement: download PDF (28kb)

Adoptive Families applauds the forward-thinking companies that go the extra mile to help their employees build families—and set an example for the rest of the nation.

Readers' Picks for Adoption-Friendly Companies
Benefits information provided by readers.

AstraZeneca International
Benefits: Up to $5,000 reimbursement/ seven weeks paid maternity leave
Readers say: “AstraZeneca played a pivotal role in my daughter’s adoption from China. The support from leadership was remarkable, and with encouragement from human resources and senior management, I partnered with another adoptive parent to launch the Adoption Employee Network&madhs;an employee adoption network that provides education and support to adoptive and perspective parents.”—AZ employee Vanessa Kraus

The Booksource
Benefits: Up to 6 weeks paid leave/ The Booksource Baby Policy allows parents to bring babies to work until the age of 6 mos.; or part of daycare is subsidized
Readers say: “My employers have bent over backwards to offer support before and after my adoptions. I’ve been able to be home with my daughter for therapies, special needs school placements, and other critical appointments the first year home. The Golden Rule is practiced there, from the top management down through the ranks.”—Booksource employee Mary Robertson

Booz Allen Hamilton
Benefits:Expense reimbursement/ Paid leave/ Parents' Forum, a network for parents
Readers say: “From the day I told my manager and coworkers about my adoption plans, I felt a tremendous amount of support and understanding. When I visited my son in San Salvador, my teammates stepped in to cover my workload. And when I went to pick up my son, they transferred their hard-earned vacation days so that I could spend more paid time off with him. I could not imagine working for a more flexible, generous, and supportive employer.”—Booz Allen employee Alicia White

Capital One Financial Corp.
Benefits: Up to $5,000 reimbursement/ Six weeks paid time/ Flexible return to work allows new parents to work 50 percent of their normal schedule for the first 30 days after returning from leave
Readers say: “I received tremendous support through my son Ryan’s adoption. Our story was even featured in the annual report, after the company president heard about our failed adoption—and our subsequent use of Capital One stock options to pay for our second, successful try."—Capital One employee Joe Ferguson

First Data Merchant Services (a subsidiary of First Data Corp.)
Benefits: Up to $10,000 reimbursement/ 12 weeks paid time off
Readers say: “I couldn’t have asked for better before, during, and after the adoption of my daughter Molly from China. In addition to the wonderful support from coworkers, the chief financial officer—a fellow single adoptive mother—was particularly supportive and offered to help out however she could.”—First Data employee Anna Salvage

JPMorgan Chase
Benefits: Up to $10,000 reimbursement/ 12 weeks paid leave
Readers say: "Whether my girls were at the backup day-care center at our site or 'helping' me punch holes or sort papers, tehy felt they were part of Chase. The great adoption benefits were the icing on the cake."—former employee Robin Stanton

Merrill Lynch
Benefits: Up to $5,000 ($8,000 for special needs) reimbursement/ 13 weeks paid leave for primary caregiver/ One week for secondary caregiver
Readers say: "I can't say enough about how helpful my supervisors have been during the whole process. Merrill Lynch is very progressive in treating all families the same. It sends a strong message, especially to women."—ML employee Keli Tuschman

More reader-nominated top companies:

  • Autodesk, Inc.


  • Allianz Life Insurance


  • Carlson Companies

  • Citibank

  • Cornell University

  • Deloitte & Touche

  • ELCAN Optical Technologies

  • Eli Lilly and Co.

  • EMC Corp.

  • FBL Financial Group

  • Fidelity Investments

  • Hasbro



  • General Electric

  • Hewitt Associates

  • Home Depot

  • HSBC

  • Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

  • Jockey International

  • Johnson and Johnson

  • Lexmark

  • Mayo Clinic Rochester

  • Stanford University

  • State Farm Insurance Cos.

  • Thomson Corp.

  • UPS

  • USG Corp.


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