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Share Your Story: Baby Carriers

From Our Reader Panel: Adoptive moms are passionate about their baby carriers. We asked for your favorites, and hereís what you said:July/August 2004

In Style
I finally settled on the wonderful Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch, which distributes the weight of my growing toddler, Hazel WeiPing, comfortably. She adores it too, feeling supported and cuddled close to mama. Itís very attractive; we get lots of attention from passers-by here in New York City.
Molly Parker-Myers
New York, New York

From the Hip
When we adopted then-6-month-old Noah from Moscow last year, I carried him everywhere in a Baby Bjorn. I purchased a Hip Hammock when he outgrew it, at 19 pounds, and itís great so far! I use it for quick visits to the library or stores that donít have carts. I found it especially helpful when we flew out to visit my family recently. It was easy to slide him around to my front when walking down the aisle in the plane, and then to loosen the strap so he could sit on my lap.
Kristine Needleman
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

The Hip Hammock is easy to use and it positions the child so youíre facing him. Also, my husband is happy to wear it! I donít think he would be as comfortable with a sling in public. Itís great when she doesnít want to be put down, or when sheís tired, cranky, or just out of control. Two years and 15 lbs later, weíre still using itówe dread the day she hits the weight limit.
An AF Reader
via e-mail

Travel Light
Our lightweight travel stroller [Combi Savvy Soho] was a lifesaver in Russia. It was great for getting around town, but even better as a substitute high chairónone of the restaurants that we ate in had one. We used the Baby BíAir anti-turbulence vest for the long flight home.

For an older toddler (2-4 years), I would recommend the Safety Harness [Tot Tenders]. People shy away from these because it looks like the child is on a leash, but if your child doesnít understand your language, refuses to hold your hand, and is prone to running off, itís worth the occasional stare.
Arnette Schultz
Naperville, Illinois

Stroller Substitute
I bought a Baby Bjorn on eBay, which I loved and, more importantly, so did my daughter. In the winter, I used it instead of a stroller when there was snow on the ground. Even at 2, she is still small enough to ride in it, but these days she prefers to run!
Reed City, Michigan

Back Relief
On a friendís advice, I just got an ERGO Baby Carrier. Itís a soft carrier that can be worn on either the front or the back, and itís rated for children up to 67 pounds. Thereís almost no strain on my back or shoulders, and my son stays close to me. I can carry him further than ever before, maintaining good eye contact and silly conversation.
Tanya Seredin
via e-mail

I have a herniated disc and have found the Baby Trekker, which has padded straps and a waist belt, to be very comfortable. Your baby can be worn on your front or back, facing inward or outward. I have logged many hours "bouncing" our very oversized son to sleep.
An AF Reader
via e-mail

Cool Carrier
Iím a huge fan of the Maws EZ Pack. Itís made of nylon, so it doesnít get hot. When youíre not using it, it rolls down to the size of a fanny pack. I bought one while waiting for my referral from China, and sent it to my sister to ďtest.Ē I never got it back.
Debby Baugher
via e-mail

Double Up
I use the Snugli Cross Roads Child Carrier with my 7-month-old twins. One rides on my back while the other naps in the stroller, and then they switch. Itís great for urban areas, since itís much easier to get a single stroller than a double one into the Metro, shops, and the bank.
Suzanna Augustine
Washington, D.C.

On My Back
I just started using a Sutemi Gear Carrier for my 19-pound 1-year-old, and Iím totally in love with it. Itís completely hands-free, and so much better than anything else Iíve tried. We walked about four miles today, and he fell asleep on my backóapparently he loves it, too!
Lucy R. Ford
Camden, New Jersey

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