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Beth Hall is co-founder and Co-director of Pact, An Adoption Alliance, a multicultural adoption organization dedicated to addressing essential issues affecting adopted children of color Pact offers lifelong support and placement services for birth and adoptive families with adopted kids of color. The author of numerous articles, she lectures across the country and is committed to serving children first. Her book (co-authored with Gail Steinberg), Inside Transracial Adoption, is filled with personal stories, practical suggestions and theory combined in an encouraging and supportive style that reinforces the message that race matters, racism is alive, and families built transracially can develop strong and binding ties. Filled with warmth and humor, this book has already been hailed as a classic!

Beth is the adoptive mom of two teenage children: Sofia, Latina, and James, African American. Beth grew up a member of an adoptive family; her sister, Barbara, adopted by (and Beth having been born to) their parents. She lives in Oakland, California, with her husband and children.

Find out more by contacting Pact, An Adoption Alliance, 3220 Blume Drive, Suite 289, Richmond, CA 94806; 510.243.9486;

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