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Birthparents' Voices

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On this page, we share birthparents' thoughts on adoption. Read these poignant and powerful stories about search and reunion with a birth child, watching a child grow up in an open adoption, making an adoption plan and placing a child in the hands of her adoptive parents, and a unique look into an international open adoption.

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A Mother by any Other Name
by Denise Roessle
Is the term "birthmother" an example of appropriate, positive language—or an offensive and demeaning label? A birthmother weighs in.
A Lasting Relationship
by Brenda Romanchik
Treat birthfamily as if they were extended family members: your child will benefit.
A Delicate Balance
by Lynn Franklin
Eight years after reconnecting with her son, a birthmother explores her place in his life.
Dear Andy
by Warren Florence
Compiling a scrapbook for the son he's never known, a father confronts his grief.
The Day I Gave My Heart Away
by Anonymous
A birthmother shares her feelings and thoughts about making an adoption plan for her child.
Letters from the Heart
by Sharon Roberts
Sometimes I read the warm, loving letters my birthdaughter's parents send and feel almost incapable of responding. But I always do.
How I Discovered the Meaning of Motherhood
by Jennifer Davidson
It wasn't until my daughter was born that I finally understood what my son's mom had known all along: that the role of his mother belonged to no one else but her.
Families Without Borders
To honor their son Tristan's birth family, a Canadian family initiated a long-distance relationship. Now, they're taking him to Colombia to meet them.
How to Be His Mother
by Denise Roessle
Twenty-six years after placing my son for adoption, we found each other. That's when I started learning—the hard way—how to be a mom.
A Birthparent's Book of Memories
by Brenda Romanchik
Adoption Lifebooks—With So Many How-to's, How Do You Choose?

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