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<p><em><strong>Brown Babies, Pink Parents</strong></em></p>

Brown Babies, Pink Parents

Amy Ford

Written with compassion, and from the perspective of "been there, done that," Brown Babies, Pink Parents is an... read full review

<p><em><strong>In On It</strong></em></p>

In On It

Elisabeth O'toole

When someone you care about decides to adopt, you become part of the "circle," too. With that perspective,... read full review

<P><STRONG>Adoptive Families' New Book: <EM>You Can</EM> <EM>Adopt</EM></STRONG></P>

Adoptive Families' New Book: You Can Adopt

From the editors of Adoptive Families magazine comes You Can Adopt, a comprehensive guide to help... read full review

<p>Adoption Nation: Revised and Updated</p>

Adoption Nation: Revised and Updated

Adam Pertman

The head of the Adoption Institute picks up where he left off, in this update of his classic,... read full review

<p>Goyangi Means Cat</p>

Goyangi Means Cat

Christine McDonnell

Newly arrived children will take comfort in this soothing story about easing into a home where nothing is... read full review

<p>I'm Adopted!</p>

I'm Adopted!

Sheila M. Kelly and Shelley Rotner

In the style we’ve come to know and adore from Kelly and Rotner—vibrant photos arranged around simple text—this... read full review

<p>Jessica Lost</p>

Jessica Lost

Bunny Crumpacker and Jil Picariello

Far from a rosy beach read, this true story of birth, adoption, and motherhood is captivating and well... read full review

<p>Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother</p>

Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother


Xinran returns with a fine collection of essays about Chinese women who lost their daughters. Though written (with... read full review

<p>No Biking in the House Without a Helmet</p>

No Biking in the House Without a Helmet

Melissa Fay Greene

Adoption community favorite Melissa Fay Greene is back in a delicious, self-deprecating narrative about parenting and growing a... read full review

<p>Searching for...the You We Adore</p>

Searching for...the You We Adore

Valerie Westfall

In this charming picture book, two parents relate how their love traveled around the globe to search for... read full review

Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control, Volume 2

Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control, Volume 2

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My nine-year-old daughter is in a rage: defying, taunting, yelling. Nothing unusual at my house.... read full review

Born in Our Hearts

Born in Our Hearts

Filis Casey & Marisa Catalina Casey

Together, two new anthologies offer a complex, realistic account of adoption. Born in Our Hearts takes the warm,... read full review

How I Was Adopted

How I Was Adopted

Joanna Cole

"Before I was adopted, I was born. Daddy and Mommy told me how babies are born. They said... read full review

Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl

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Mei-Ling Hopgood was seven months old when she left Taiwan to start her new life.... read full review



Jessica O'Dwyer

Mamalita follows Jessica O’Dwyer on the path from innocence to outrage and fear, as she and her husband... read full review

Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal And Grow

Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal And Grow

Gregory Keck and Regina M. Kupecky

Greg Keck and Regina Kupecky’s new book, Parenting the Hurt Child, welcomes parents to a world of easy-to-grasp... read full review

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