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Dads Matter!

Father's Day shouldn't be the only time of year we celebrate dads, but it's always worthwhile to reflect on the occasion (this year, on June 17) with a little love and gratitude for the amazing leading men in our lives. Here at Adoptive Families, we looked back through our archives and found a trove of amazingly rich and sweet writing, both by and about fathers.

Talking About Birthfathers with Young Children
How do you talk with your child about her birthdad when you don't know much about him?

Ask the Open Adoption Expert: Sharing Birthfather Information

Why Dads Matter

Birthfathers Rising, by Linda Baker
For years, the presence of birthfathers in adoption has been almost nil. But change is coming.

Birthfathers: The Forgotten Half of the Story, by Eliza Newlin Carney
Biological fathers get short shrift in fairy tales and real life. But their exclusion can have legal and emotional consequences.

Book Review: Dads and Daughters: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter When She’s Growing Up So Fast, by Joe Kelly

Becoming a Dad

Sometime in the Night, by Douglas Hood
From single man to father.

The Turning Point, by Tim Flanagan
How a close call gave my new son the courage to take a chance on love.

Falling for Jing Jing, by Dennis Kneale
It’s hard to believe how reluctant I once was to adopt. In hindsight, I can see how much I needed this all along.

Another Generation, by Michael Coppess
The author of this story anticipates sharing his life with a child after a long wait.

Finally Father’s Day, by Bob Gerold
Until recently, Father’s Day was, for me, a day to honor my father.

A Tug at My Heart, by Matt Forck
I thought. I researched. I talked. But in the end, it took a leap of faith to adopt across racial lines.

On Fatherhood

You Are Me: A Letter to my Son, by Larry Carlat
You don't have my genes. You don't have my hair, my nose, or my eyes. But you have my heart.

Mr. Mom, For Now, by Joe Mills
A temporary stay-at-home dad muses on the finer points of baby care.

The Same, But Different, by Larry Carlat
When an adopted child gets most of your attention, it doesn't mean you love your other child less.

Fathers Reflect

What the Books Didn’t Tell Us, by Matt Forck
My wife and I learned a lot from reading, but there were some things not discussed in the books we read. So from one father to another, from one parent to another, here's my notebook of thoughts after our adoption...

The Perfect Season of the Heart, by Robert Klose
For me, it was not a long stretch to assert that in the face of catastrophe, despair, and death, the antidote was life.

Birthfathers Speak

Dear Andy, by Warren Florence
Compiling a scrapbook for the son he's never known, a father confronts his grief.

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