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Adoption Resources
Adoption Information

Fact Expert offers adoption tips and suggestions as well as articles on various aspects of adoption.

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates

Whether you're seeking to form a family through adoption, seeking information about family members you have been disconnected from, or just seeking knowledge about the lifelong issues in adoption, AKA provides helpful information through educational resources, on-going programs, and emotional support.

The Adoption Option TV Show

A series of non-profit TV talk shows regarding the various aspects of child adoption.

Adoption Resource Network

Adoption Resource Network provides information, education, referral and support on all aspects of adoption and foster care.

Child Adoption Matters

Information about the adoption process, parent qualifications, costs, open vs. closed adoption, and more.

Karen's Adoption Links

A page of helpful links for all international Adoptive Families. Adoption from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, FSU, CIS, Eastern Europe, Worldwide Funding for Adoption; Single Adoption; Multi-cultural Products; Poetry and Inspiration Orphanage Addresses; Adult International Adoptee Information; Sibling Registries

Let's Talk Adoption

Listen to the differing points of view of adoptees, birth parents, and adopted families. Learn about adoption financing, international adoption, domestic adoption and more. Gain additional insight into adoption from guests such as adoption attorneys, social workers, adoption agencies, family counselors and other adoption professionals. Adoption questions are always welcome at

Adoption Agencies
Adoption Help

Independent Adoption Center's website for learning more about open adoption.

Advocates for Children and Families

Helping birth and adoptive parents, with newborn adoption, special needs adoptions, adoption counseling, open adoption, home studies, legal services, and family planning for over 20 years.

America's Adoption Agency

We provide adoption information and resources. Find out if adoption is right for you. Call 1800ADOPTION today.

Children of All Nations

Children of All Nations is dedicated to placing children of Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Mexico with loving families, in addition to providing humanitarian aid where it is needed most.

A Chosen Child Adoption Services

A Chosen Child Adoption Services (ACCAS) is a licensed South Carolina 501(c)(3) non-profit adoption agency. We specialize in international and SC adoption home studies.

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services is a licensed child-placing agency in the State of Florida. The adoption home study can be an overwhelming experience for an adoptive family, but it doesn’t have to be! We are here to help you both before and after your adoption as well as support you throughout your journey, with a main focus on your international or domestic adoption home study.

Family Life Services

Family Life Services is a licensed, private, faith-based adoption agency in Virginia. We have a domestic adoption program and provide pre-adoption and post-adoption services to families in Virginia pursuing an international, domestic, or private adoption.

I Heart Adoption

Pregnant women considering placing a baby for adoption can learn about open adoption and connect with women who have already placed with the IAC.

Lutheran Social Services of New England

LSS of New England is a private, non-profit licensed child-placing agency established in 1877. Helping families complete domestic and international adoptions.

Family Support
Adoption Affiliates of South Florida

Adoption Home Studies and Post Placement Services, and Adoption Counseling and Education.

Adoption Mosaic

Providing adoption education, training and support to people touched by adoption and to the broader community, in Oregon and southwest Washington.

African American Adoptive Parents

This group is designed to be a support group for African American parents who are adopting or planning to adopt internationally or domestically. It is also a place to educate about the adoption process and to encourage more AA to adopt. Membership is not just exclusive to African Americans. All are welcome to join!

Center For Family Connections

Our mission at Center For Family Connections (CFFC) is to help children feel safe, seen, and valued, and to adjust to the challenges of being, or having been, moved from one family to another. The agency's experienced clinicians understand the interactions and needs of complex blended families, and provide the skills, tools, and talent required to build stronger and healthier family units.

Concerned Persons for Adoption

Concerned Persons For Adoption is a non-profit organization in the State of New Jersey dedicated to the belief that every child deserves a family. CPFA is not an adoption agency, but a volunteer organization working to support those who wish to adopt, and to provide educational and networking resources to those who have adopted.

Ethiopia Kids Family Culture Camp

We are Ethiopian adoptive families in Ohio who sponsor Ethiopia Kids Family Culture Camp yearly.

Fostering Solutions

Fostering Solutions is an independent foster care agency that is passionate about ensuring positive outcomes for children and young people in fostering.

Friends of Adoption

A post adoption resource center in Wisconsin. Services include: sponsoring support groups, events for adoptive families, etc.


Families for Ukranian and Russian Adoption, Ohio chapter

International Families

International Families is a St. Louis area club formed to share the members' common interest of international adoption. We offer support, friendship, and direction to those interested in adoption or involved in the adoption process.

Parenting Your Adopted Child: Tweens, Teens & Beyond

Navigating through the tween and teens ages can be challenging for any parent, but adoptive parents face unique challenges that only other adoptive parents are likely to understand. Parenting Your Adopted Child is a six-week interactive online course that focuses on helping adoptive parents support adopted tweens and teen as the entire family navigates the sometimes tumultuous inner and outer terrain of growing up.

Adoption Funding Resources
A Child's Desire

Adoption Resources and Fundraising Opportunities

Gift of Adoption

Give a child a home for a lifetime! Click here.

The International Adoption Center

The International Adoption Center (IAC) at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) provides comprehensive medical services to assist parents in their exciting journey to international adoption. The IAC offers four services including pre-adoption consultation, post-adoption evaluation, community outreach, and research.

Legal Services
Lawyer Search Online

Listings and forums for attorneys and legal aid, including adoption attorneys.

Jennifer Fairfax, LLC

Adoption attorney assisting clients with private, agency and some international adoption.

Adoption Profile Resources

Profiles of pregnant women and adoptive families seeking to find each other.

Profiles of pregnant women and adoptive families seeking to find each other.

The original Internet site devoted to helping prospective adoptive families find women considering an adoption plan for their baby.

Merchandise/Professional Services Free greeting cards and eCards, including adoption-specific cards.

Baby Carrier and Baby Slings is devoted to promoting and supporting secure healthy attachment between parents and children. This is not a how-to parent site. It is about empowering parents to rise above the cultural expectations and demands placed on us, and getting in touch with our genetic and primal instincts.

elly b design

elly b design offers fresh, modern and customizable lifebooks and adoption photobooks. All of our pre-designs can be transformed into an adoption lifebook, baby book, family book, or any other special occasion photobook. The adoption specific art and text will guide you in creating a keepsake that is respectful of your child's unique life story.

Federal Travel and Cruises

An adoption travel services provider dedicated to providing quality travel services to bring adoptive families together.


An online baby shop specializing in unique and aesthetically beautiful toys and gifts that will inspire your children's imaginations—while being gentle on the earth and its workers. is a "one-stop shop" for travel document needs. The site also provides easy ordering of birth certificates.

Red Thread Families: Gifts to Celebrate Chinese Adoption

Embroidered gifts that are unique, stylish, functional and celebrate Chinese culture. Gift ideas include baby gift sets, baby bibs, baby blankets, carry-all bags and unique sweatshirts and aprons for family and friends. Our designs include ladybug themes and Chinese characters for family members (e.g., mei me, ge ge, jie jie) as well as other fun phrases and words.

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