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September Highlights

Redesigned AF Bookstore: Whether you’re looking for a how-to guide, a memoir, or a great book for your multiracial kids, you’ll find it at the Adoptive Families bookstore. The redesigned site is easier to use than ever. You can browse the virtual shelves by title or author—and now you can search by subject. For each book, you’ll find an in-depth review from our team of experts and parents.
Log on to for:

  • A home page and main category pages highlighting our newest additions and bestsellers.
  • Easy-to-navigate pages that break down our collection by author, title, and subject (kids books, discipline, attachment, transracial families, and more).
  • A range of books recommended by the editors of Adoptive Families, with authoritative reviews written by adoption experts and parents.

Adoption and Travel: Whether you're heading to a nearby city, another state, or a foreign country, travel is a fact of life for every adoptive family. But the usual travel advice—about packing lists, tourist attractions, and luxury hotels—isn't enough for adoptive parents. And that's why we've put together a new Adoption and Travel web page: Visit for articles and information about

  • Fostering your child abroad
  • Medical needs for adoption trips
  • Making memories
  • Introducing a child to her birthplace…and lots more!

Tell Your Story: Every adoption is a unique story, and sharing yours could be a wonderful way to record your child's history and spread the word about this great way to make a family. There are many ways to tell your story. You can write a novel, an essay, a memoir, or sum it all up in a lifebook full of pictures, maps, height charts, and other special family memories. But getting your thoughts together isn't as easy as you would think, and so, to help you through it, we've created the Tell Your Adoption Story page:

  • advice on how to write about adoption
  • articles on how to create the perfect lifebook
  • links to adoption memoirs, along with authoritative book reviews, at the AF bookstore.

Parent-to-Parent FAQ: Share your adoption experiences and advice with other moms and dads.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Thereís a lot of positive—and negative—focus on adoption in the media and business worlds. Offer your kudos to those who get it and educate those who donít.

Adoption Professional Central: Want to list an event or let others know about your support group? Hereís the place to do it. Sign up now.

Media Page: Read our reviews before you go to the movies, and post your own opinions and reviews, too.

Parent Support: Find a local adoptive-parents support group.

Agency and Program Listings: A database of more than 500 programs throughout the U.S., with detailed information on adoption requirements, costs, and timing.

Calendar of Events: Adoption-related celebrations, conferences, seminars, playgroups, and support groups in your neck of the woods.

Ask AF: Need help with an adoption-related question or issue? Ask an expert here.

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