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Spotlight on AF

Readers' Choice Photo Awards
We received so many top shots for our First Annual Photo Contest (sponsored by Sears Portrait Studio) that we brought back more! With this new batch of beauties, judging the contest is no easy task. That's why we need your help. Cast your vote and check back often to see ongoing results and interact with other voters. Hurry! Voting ends Feb. 28, 2007.

Family Album
Already voted for your fave photo and still can't get enough? Upload your digital snapshots to to share your family's photos with fellow readers. We'll keep our eyes open for standouts to run in the magazine.

Top Companies
Adoption benefits are vital in today's workplace, but which companies really get the message? See what readers say about their companies' expense reimbursement, paid leave, subsidized day care, and more.

Want to convince your company to introduce or expand benefits? Download a ready-made letter you can use to lobby your employer.

Tales from Ethiopia
In her latest book, Melissa Fay Greene focuses on Haregewoin Teferra, a foster mother who has taken in over 250 children orphaned by AIDS. Now, read some of her previous work, and hear as the acclaimed author shares her own story, from her international journeys to explore adoption to her imminent adoption of two brothers from Ethiopia.

Adoption Announcements
When traditional announcements just don't cut it, adoptive parents get creative! Here's how AF readers and staffers expressed their joy—some hand-made, some customized, all filled with love!

Giving Back
Gifts that give back are the perfect presents this holiday season. Find a complete list of reader-nominated retailers who donate proceeds to adoption-related causes, and make a difference to kids around the world.

Share Your Story:
Tell us which movies you think portray adoption respectfully—and which don't. What adoption-themed films are your family’s favorites?

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