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Talking About Adoption
Help kids explore sticky adoption matters and handle unwelcome questions from strangers. We have articles and expert advice to help you start an adoption conversation with your child at any age.

A Book of Memories
This summer, take time to—finally—finish compiling that scrapbook or lifebook for your child. AF has all of the expert tips, online resources, and ideas from other parents to help you along the way.

Adoption Terminology
Explore the range of adoption language used to describe our families. Then let us know if you think Positive Adoption Language is really appropriate, or whether we need to shift our focus to include all members of a child's family by joining the debate,

Adoptive Families' Third Annual Photo Contest
Think your child can capture America's heart? Then enter your favorite portrait or candid photo in our Third Annual Photo Contest. Entries must be received by September 8, 2008, and winners will be announced in our November/December issue.

AF Helps You Plan Your Summer!
It's not too late to organize an outing the whole family will love. The listings on our calendar will help you find an event close to home, like a weekend workshop, a potluck brunch, or picnic. At, you can get travel tips from families who've attended culture camps or toured birth countries.

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  • Nominate your employer
    Adoption-friendly benefits are vital for our families, and finally, workplaces are getting the message. What perks do you get on the job?

  • AF's Annual Cost and Timing Survey
    Share your experiences—and check out the results of our 2006/2007 poll— by taking the 2008 Cost & Timing of Adoption Poll. For sharing your information, you'll be able to download a special collection of articles at the end of the survey.
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