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Bonding with Baby

It's the moment you've dreamed of for months or years--time to welcome your new baby home! To make the most of those joyous first weeks and months together, see our special bonding section. You'll find baby-care basics, ideas for adoption showers and other family celebrations, and strategies to enhance attachment with your little one. You'll both fall in love before you know it.

New Traditions
Family rituals take on new meaning after we adopt a child. We might adapt traditions that have been passed through generations, or create new customs to mark the end of the adoption process. Read our collection of essays on the ways families come together to celebrate the meaningful events in our lives, at

Picture Perfect
Our 2009 Photo Contest kicks off this month at But we're letting you in on a little secret at our judges' tips for composing and taking a winning shot.

The Adoption Guide
Thinking of expanding your family? Know someone who is interested in adopting? AF's 2009 Adoption Guide will walk you through the process. Go to to find information and advice for every step of the journey. Once you're ready to get started, search for an adoption agency, homestudy provider, or other professional in our state-by-state directory.

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