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The Sibling Connection
Whether you create your family through adoption only or adoption and biology, welcoming home a new addition is always a joyful event. We've collected the best articles from the archives of AF on deciding to adopt a second (or third...) child, preparing your child for a sibling, choosing to raise an only child, blending families, and more. Go to

See the Video Contest Winner!
"Home," shot and submitted by Carrie and Fernando A., took top honors in our first video contest. This beautiful film documents the family's first week home with their new daughter, Violet, adopted from Ethiopia. Watch the winning video and all the other moving entries on

Tell Us Your Opinion!
In this issue's op-ed column, author and mother Ilie Ruby sounds off on the right not to share details when asked about her family: "Telling strangers about my children's origins, their histories, and how we 'got' them is not obligatory. Stories belong to those who live them." Can you relate? What details do you reveal, and what do you keep private? Do you regret oversharing at any point? Read Ruby's essay, then join the conversation with other "visible" families in AFC's Transracial and Multicultural Families forum.

Get Your Copy of You Can Adopt!
Our book, You Can Adopt: An Adoptive Families Guide, explains the nuts and bolts of adoption—walking you through every stage of the process. This comprehensive resource includes your inspiring stories, your best advice, and your adorable photos. Read an excerpt from the book, and order your copy today, at

Adoption Law
What happens at the hospital after birth? Do you need to readopt in an international process? Is your child covered under your insurance plan? Find guidance on the legal aspects of adoption at, from those who know best: adoption attorneys and fellow adoptive parents.

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