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Give Elf the Cold Shoulder

An AF reader comments on the hit holiday movie and calls for help evaluating movies before her kids see them.

I recently previewed the movie Elf for my kids. What a funny movie; what a disappointment for adoptive families. Elf is about an orphaned baby who accidentally winds up in Santa's toy sack. He is transported to the North Pole and raised by elves. Thirty years later, he overhears "the truth about who he really is," and is finally informed that he was adopted. Upon learning this, he decides he must go in search of his "real" father.

Ouch. I cringe every time I think about my nieces and nephews who had already seen the movie and probably had their suspicions confirmed that we are not really the parents of their cousins. I know that many people will find me too "sensitive," but I'm tired of movies and other media that expose my kids to messages that make them question the validity of our family.

What I really want is a Web site for adoptive families to review movies from our perspective. Perhaps a rating of AF for "adoption friendly" or PB for "parents beware" so we can either choose to avoid the movie or be prepared to talk to our kids after we see it. How about it, Adoptive Families magazine, how about creating a place for parents to read and write about the latest films for kids?

And while you're at it, how about asking the leaders of the motion picture industry to stop messing with our families and our kids?

—Kellie R. Jones, Minneapolis, MN

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