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"Adoptive Families articles are universal and adaptable. Running the gamut from psychological concerns to practical solutions, the blend is both helpful and stimulating. Filled with the voices of parents and children, the magazine adds a personal touch that resonates as well. Adoptive Families connects with its audience in a professional and caring manner—a model for all such focused publishing endeavors."Yvonne Coleman, for the Parent's Choice Foundation

Adoption Audience

The audience for adoption information is a powerful and growing segment within the parenting category.


  • Over 10 million families have considered adoption
  • Approximately 1 million families are actively seeking adoption at any given time
  • The US Census Bureau estimates that more than 1.5 million adopted children under age 18 live in the US today


  • The number of families formed through adoption has more than doubled in the last decade
  • Single parent adoption has increased from 2% of adoptions prior to 1990 to as much as 25% today
  • Adoptions from foster care have more than doubled since 1990

Involved, committed parents

  • Adoptive parents actively seek parenthood
  • Most have waited years for a child
  • Up to 25% of couples with impaired fertility pursue adoption


  • A 20013 public opinion survey conducted by the Dave Thomas Foundation found that more than two-thirds of Americans hold a favorable opinion of adoption

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