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Adoption Medicine

Here you'll find the best adoption medicine articles, checklists, and downloads from the Adoptive Families archives—medical resources useful before and after you adopt.

The Adoption Medicine Travel Guide
Four articles by Deborah Borchers, M.D., walk parents through evaluating a referral, preparing for the adoption trip, and completing a post-adoption medical assessment. Download this free PDF today!
Adoption Medicine Travel Guide
Insurance Coverage for Medical Screening Tests
If your insurance company has denied payment for post-adoption lab work, ask your pediatrician to adapt this letter by Deborah Borchers, M.D. (Word document)
A Healthy Beginning: Important Information for Parents of Internationally Adopted Children
The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a helpful brochure for parents who have just adopted a child. Includes questions to ask the doctor and a checklist to bring on that first medical visit. (PDF download)



  • Beyond Growth Charts
    An inadequate diet may affect more than height and weight. Here's what parents need to know about assessing a newly adopted child's nutritional status.
  • The Transition Diet
    Expert guidelines on introducing new foods, regulating meal schedules and portions, and addressing feeding challenges in a newly adopted child.
  • A Solid Start
    How soon after adopting can you transition your child from liquids to solid foods?
  • The Right Formula
    DHA, ARA, cow's milk/soy, powder/liquid...? An adoption medicine expert guides you through all the different formula options.
  • Feed Me!
    Formulas, nutrition, and feeding: everything you need to know about filling your child's tummy.
  • Choosing Your Pediatrician
    Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision for any family, and one with a slightly different slant for an adopting family.
  • Ten Questions to Ask Pediatricians
    Take AF's list to your child's next doctor's appointment.
  • Misunderstanding Mongolian Spots
    it's a good idea to ask your pediatrician to make a note of your child's Mongolian spots.
  • Why You Need Your Child's Medical History
    Here's what you should know and how to get it.
  • When Should You Schedule Surgery?
    Here are several factors to consider when scheduling surgery for an internationally adopted child.


  • Post-Arrival Evaluations
    How to identify medical problems common to internationally adopted children. Plus, information about testing in the birth country.
  • Vision and Hearing Testing
    Most adoption medical specialists recommend having your child's vision and hearing screened as soon as you come home.
  • Post-Adoption Check-Ups
    Our experts dispel misconceptions and myths, answer questions, and provide post-adoption check-up lists to give to your doctor.





  • Special Report: Your Child's Speech and Language Development
    Language is the gateway to learning. Here's what you need to know to foster speech and language skills, and to get help when you suspect trouble.
  • Learning to Listen
    A child who has trouble with speech and language may actually be overwhelmed by sound. Auditory training, though controversial, may help.
  • A Labor to Listen
    If the sounds of the world are too much for your child, he may have an auditory processing problem. Learn how to figure it out and find help.
  • From Their Mouths to Our Ears
    It's never too early to assess our children's speech and language development-and to seek support if needed.


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