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AF Articles About Open Adoption

In the past few decades the number of open adoptions has increased significantly, overturning the pervasive confidentiality that defined the last generation of adoptions. As adoption professionals learn more about the healthy benefits of growing up in an open adoption, this becomes a must-read topic for all adoptive parents.

We've collected the best AF articles on this topic, including perspectives on: changing relationships in open adoptions; families who searched for birthparents and opened their adoption; and an interview with a birthmother and an adoptive mother.

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Ask the Open Adoption Expert
A collection of essays and expert answers from Kathleen Silber, a nationally recognized expert in the field of open adoption.

The Other Mother
by Jennifer Davidson and Jana Wolff
A birthmom and an adoptive mom delve into the complex—and surprising—realities of their open adoptions.

Sent from the Heart
by Karen Hindhede
A family discusses how they approached writing letters to the birthmother.

Unexpected Contact
by Tracy Hahn-Burkett
We hadn't planned on open adoption. But when my daughter's birthmother requested a letter, how could I say no?

Open Arms
by Diane Hood
We entered into an open adoption with no idea what to expect. Fourteen years later, looking back on the tests we've faced, and the everyday joys, I wouldn't have chosen any other path.

Maternal Instincts
by Lori Holden
I worried that my daughter's birthmom was more of a mom than I'd ever be. She was the one who helped me see otherwise.

Open Adoption Over the Years
by Barbara F. Meltz
Parents involved in open adoptions speak honestly about ensuring a good fit, working through challenges, and keeping the relationship going.

Open Adoption Converts
by Amy Lane
A family who plans against open adoption learns how "normal" and loving it really can be.
Running to Mommy
by Dawn Friedman
I knew it would be hard for my daughter's birthmom to give her up. But I didn't think I'd feel so guilty for taking her.

Understanding Open Adoption
by Eliza Newlin Carney
Among experts who study it and families who practice it, open adoption varies widely. Here, a look at open adoption today.

Open Adoption Works for Us
by Sharon Lind
From a rocky start, we've built a relationship with our children's birth families that has enriched their lives, and ours.

A Lasting Relationship
by Brenda Romanchik
Treat birthfamily as if they were extended family members: your child will benefit.

A Durable Relationship
by Lois Melina
Over the years, an open adoption arrangement may need to evolve to accommodate the changing needs of everyone involved—above all, the child.

When a Birthparent Moves On
by Julie Michaels
It's not that she doesn't care, it's that life takes twists and turns.

Where Did I Come From?
by Marybeth Lambe and Emma Rose Levy
Emma Rose, age 10, longed to meet her birthmother. Her mother agreed to help, and the rest is family history.

Making Room in Our Hearts: Keeping Family Ties Through Open Adoption
by Micky Duxbury

The Open Adoption Experience: A Complete Guide for Adoptive and Birth Families—From Making the Decision Through the Child's Growing Years
by Lois Ruskai Melina and Sharon Kaplan Roszia

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