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Standing Up, Speaking Out

It's good for our kids—and our community—when we foster positive, accurate thinking about adoption. Advocacy is easy when you're armed with the right information, so take advantage of the resources we have to offer. These articles will help you advocate for our children, and put an end to the myths and stereotypes that continue to surround adoption.

Featured Activities
Donate Books to Your Child's School
Presenting children's books about adoption, non-traditional families, or diversity to your child's classroom or school library is a great way to increase adoption awareness. The editors of AF select some of the best.

8 Great Reasons to Adopt Now
Distribute this handout and spread the word: Giving your heart to a child is joyful and rewarding.

Download the 2011 Adoption Awareness Month Calendar

How to Be an Adoption Advocate
by Katherine Mikkelson
Road-tested tips for those who want to educate and enlighten others about the facts of adoption.
"Adopt-A" Programs Diminish Our Families
by Amy Klatzkin and Kathy Breen
Two excellent sample letters any parent can use: Amy Klatzkin urges her local zoo to drop the "Adopt A" slogan from its animal sponsorship program, and Cathy Breen explains her objection to the local library's use of "Adopt A" language.
Myths & Realities
A handy reference in Q&A format, perfect for sharing with others.
Perception & Reality: The Untold Story of Domestic Adoption
by Eliza Newlin Carney
Adoption in the United States has undergone a seismic shift in the last 30 years. How long will it take for popular perceptions to catch up with the new, healthier reality?
Special Report: Nature & Nurture: A New Look at How Families Work
by Susan Freivalds
An important new research study demonstrates that adopted children fare just as well as their biological siblings. Must reading for all involved with adoption. A handout for teachers, family, and friends.
Accurate Adoption Language
by Mike Feazal
Through their word choices, even the well-meaning may inadvertently convey that adoptive families are somehow less genuine and permanent than other families. Here are language guidelines to send to your local newspaper editor or to family and friends who might benefit.
Positive Adoption Language
The way we talk—and the words we choose—say a lot about what we think and value
Until They Get it Right
by Adam Pertman
Tired of seeing yet another sensationalized report on adoption in the newspaper or on the five o'clock news? Here's how to help set the record straight.
Becoming an Advocate at School
by Jean Sommerville
There's nothing like a schoolís insensitivity to adoption to turn a quiet mom into a bold activist.
Helping Classmates Understand Adoption
by AF editors, with input from Ronny Diamond and Margaret Mintz
Distribute this handout to other parents at your child's school, or send it home with his classmates after an adoption presentation.
Adoption in the Classroom, a teacher handout
A two-page tear-out-and-save guide for teachers on adoption in the classroom. Includes a resource guide for parents and recommended books for the school library.
A Memo to My Fellow Teachers
by Leonlida DiTomasso
Advice from a teacher—and adoptive mom—about how to create an adoption-friendly classroom.
Dear Teacher
by Kathy Urbina and Deb Luppino
Even a teacher sensitive to adoption may benefit from having words to say. Here is a sample letter to help you compose your own.
How to Lobby for Adoption Benefits
by Elizabeth Mair
For working parents, the need to take time off without pay may put adoption beyond their financial means. Here's a road map, including a sample letter, for approaching your employer to request adoption benefits.
Adoptive Families' Instant Letter
If your company's adoption benefits aren't up to snuff, do something! Here's a ready-to-download letter to help you state your case. Then visit for examples of forward-thinking companies that go the extra mile to help their employees build families—and set an example for the rest of the nation.
Health Insurance for Adopted Kids: Itís the Law
by Mark McDermott
As a result of Federal and state legislation, discrimination by health insurance carriers against adopted children is prohibited in most situations. Here's a handout for parents—and their insurance companies.
30 Ways to Celebrate Adoption
Expand awareness through these actions. AF provides one idea for every day of November's National Adoption Awareness Month
Dave Thomas
By Marlene Cimons
Crusading for a "forever family" for every child in foster care.
In Memoriam: Dave Thomas
by Adam Pertman
It was in his other, less-public life—as an adoption advocate and reformer—that Thomas had a genuinely profound impact on our country.
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