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This month’s question:

For our annual special on best adoption books, we're asking readers to nominate books in the following categories:
1. Most helpful how-to-adopt guides to read as you're deciding to adopt and working through the process
2. The special-interest parenting books you think every adoptive parent should read
3. Most moving adoption memoirs
4. Greatest all-time children's books about adoption
5. Best multicultural kids' books that don't necessarily follow an adoption storyline
Send us your nominations and tell us why you selected them. If you're the first person to nominate one of the books we recommend, you'll receive a special gift from Adoptive Families.

We recently asked the members of our Reader Panel:

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How did you word your adoption announcement? Did you create a custom announcement, or adapt a pre-printed template? See their answers here.

Tell us about the first letter, conversation, or meeting with your child's birthmother. What advice would you give nervous waiting families? Read their answers here.

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