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I read your magazine cover to cover and am always excited to see it in the mail. It is such a relief to be able to read a magazine that 'gets it.' Thank you very much.
—Jennifer Collins, Marshall, Michigan

Adoptive Families is my best regular resource for adoption related info. Every issue, I say this magazine is great ... really! It's engaging and upbeat. It helps me be a better parent! The articles are timely and seem to answer many current problems/questions I have.
— Annie Douglas, South Dalton, Ohio

This is one magazine that I read cover to cover almost as soon as it arrives. I make time to sit down and read this!
—Nancy Allaire, Norwich, New York

I love seeing the photos of other adoptive families, and share them with my children. It is important to us to see other families that are similar to ours, and to read about them, too.
—Nancy Grant, Othello, Washington

I know it's a great publication—by the time it shows up in my mailbox, it is pretty dog-eared. They must be passing it around at the post office! Keep up the good work.
— Marcia Day, Greenfield, Massachusetts

Your publication is inspiring. It is so comforting to read these articles and know that there is a community 'out there' who understands our concerns, worries, and most importantly, our joys!
— Patricia Ledford, Durham, Connecticut

I came across the magazine at a time when I really needed the information and to be connected to others in the adoption community. It was my most valued resource about adoption. Thank you.
— Kim M. Kelly, Mount Vernon, New Hampshire

I look forward to each issue. It was a source of inspiration while considering, choosing and waiting for our adoption to go through. I've recommended it to many friends considering adoption by keeping issues and giving them one to look over.
—Kelly Vandergriff, Louisville, Kentucky

We are fairly new to the world of adoption. We are in the information gathering stage right now. So far, I have found Adoptive Families to be a wonderful resource for information about agencies and insight into the issues we will face when we finally do become adoptive parents.
—Pam West, Independence, Missouri

I absolutely love your magazine! I look so forward to each issue! It has greatly helped my husband and I through all of the stages of our adoption journey! THANK YOU!
—Terrill Mervis, Akron, Ohio

I enjoy Adoptive Families and even after 6 years since our adoption, I am a faithful reader and always find information that I use and share. I recommend the magazine to all adoptive families as well as educators and school nurses.
—Cheryl Maue, Cincinnati, Ohio

Overall, a big thank you for being a beacon of hope! Knowing I have a resource and can learn from others who have gone through this process is just WONDERFUL.
—Patricia Igo, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Thank you for the constant inspiration and source of strength and honesty you continue to offer about this wonderful and courageous way to form a family!
—Joan Thomas-Mello, New Bedford, Massachusetts

You do hard work and a fine job. Usually, I read it cover to cover in one sitting—just can't stop.
—Margaret Hoskins, Radford, Virginia

I started getting your magazine as a gift and have already renewed it. I absolutely love each and every page of your magazine. It has encouraged me through difficult times; but even when I'm happy, it makes me happier. My husband is not a reader but he always reads your magazine.
—Alison Damiano, Staten Island, New York

As an RN I think that adoptive parents are often overwhelmed and under-prepared to deal with their children and their needs, and often afraid to ask for help. I think this resource can be beneficial to everyone.
—Ann Matuszak, Franklin, Wisconsin

I really enjoy your magazine and particularly your willingness to take on issues that create controversy among your readership and then to handle such issues in a fair and balanced manner.
—Elizabeth Langell, Teaneck, New Jersey

I've been a subscriber since the mid 1980s, and it has been a constant source of support and information. I like the direction it is taking. Thanks!
—Bonnie Howard, Nevada City, California

—Maryellen B. Miller, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

I am so glad I subscribed to Adoptive Families. Even though I am an adoptee myself, parenting an adopted child still comes with issues that I didn't experience. I find so many of my concerns and questions answered in each issue.
—Stephanie Bixler, Lemoore, California

Thank you for the great work and service this magazine provides. And we thank the Lord for our daughter and the many blessings of our family.
—Marjorie Cooperman, Burlington, Massachusetts

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