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Sleep 101

Even if your child has trouble sleeping through the night, the problem doesn’t have to dominate your every waking hour. We’ve compiled helpful articles from AF’s archives, readers’ personal stories about nighttime routines, advice from fellow adoptive parents, and lists of recommended books for tired parents and children.


Raising Sound Sleepers
by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.
Our strategies—for the first days and beyond—will help you overcome nighttime challenges, so every family member can get a good night's rest.

All Through the Night
Sleep strategies abound, but most of the available literature doesn’t consider the unique circumstances in adoptive families. Here, fellow adoptive parents and AF’s experts weigh in on the best ways to help our kids fall asleep—and stay asleep.
Perchance to Dream
With your consistent care, your baby will learn to sleep through the night.
The Family Bed
Parents & experts talk about co-sleeping.
Bedtime Battles
Does your preschooler put up a fight when “bedtime” is announced? Bloomberg offers tips for avoiding the struggle and establishing a routine.
Bedtime Rituals
For preschool-age children, a set bedtime routine can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep.
Establishing Sleep Rituals
Schulte helps parents understand why their children may be experiencing difficulties with sleep and how to set a regular routine.
Sleep Strategies
Waking in the night is very common and can have many causes.
A Good Night's Sleep
How to respond to your child's night wakings and help her sleep through the night.

Family Patterns
A cry in the night reminds one mother how much families have changed and how much love stays the same.
Grace Notes
I promised myself then that when I had a daughter I would sing to her as long as she wanted.
Sleeping Together as a Family
At night, each of this motherís three children wanted to be with mom.

What sleep problems did you encounter after your child was adopted and how did you handle them?
Readers' responses

Have you discovered ways to make bedtime easier or to help your child sleep through the night?
Readers' responses

Good Nights: The Happy Parents' Guide to the Family Bed (and a Peaceful Night's Sleep)
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On Mother's Lap
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