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Teens Speak Out

Over the years at Adoptive Families magazine, we’ve published some powerful teen voices. Click the links below to read essays written by teen and young adult adoptees about fitting in, connecting to cultures, and forging a strong identity.


On Becoming African American,” by Jane Sanders
Raised in a white community, I’ve just begun to embrace my heritage.


I Forgot to Be Scared,” by Sasha Waggenspack
A 13-year-old shares his adoption story.


This Is for Real,” by Allison Maritza
An unexpected emergency tests the strength of a mother-daughter bond.


Journey to Calcutta,” by Alexis Tompkins-Larrance
Despite my parents’ urging, I had always rejected my Indian identity. At 21, I learned to embrace it.


Is That Your Real Brother?,” by Kaitlyn Kerry
A 20-year-old looks back on her teens years and coming to terms with her identity as a transracial adoptee.


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