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March/April 2010
Vol. 43 No. 2




2010 Adoption Options by Kay Marner

The world of adoption has changed dramatically in recent years. Experts and families weigh in on the current landscape and the best options for prospective parents.
p. 28

Budding Curiosity by Joni Mantell

Between the ages of three and five, children begin to understand their first questions about adoption. We take you inside your preschooler's mind, and offer tips for talking.
p. 34

Talking About Race and Racism by Joemy Ito-Gates and Wei Ming Dariotis

Racism exists, and it's our job as parents to talk about it with our kids. Here's an age-by-age guide to handling those conversations.
p. 37


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: A Loving Touch by Kara Prater

p. 42

Ages 3-5: "Tell Me a Story!" by Fran Eisenman

p. 43

Ages 6-8: In Disaster's Wake by Patty Cogen

p. 44

Ages 9-12: Between Worlds by Fran Eisenman

p. 45

Ages 13+: Going Off to College by Debbie B. Riley

p. 46


From the Editor

p. 4


p. 5


A forum for parents to connect.

p. 7

Ask AF

p. 8


• A comic strip explores adoption's lighter side; notable new blog posts

p. 15

News focus on Haiti
The latest adoption news

p. 16

• Reviews of two kids' books celebrating inclusiveness, and more

p. 18

• Road-testing blog platforms

p. 19

Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

p. 20

Our Story by Lawrence C. Rubin

Slowly and unexpectedly, adoption transforms a dad and his kids.

p. 21

Been There by Mei-Ling Hopgood

A transracial adoptee reflects on race and culture and offers advice for parents.

p. 22

About Birthparents by Samantha L. Hines

What do you do when openness doesn't go as planned?

p. 24

Living with Diversity

A quick guide to summer camp options for our kids.

p. 26

Family Album

"Readers' Choice" photos from our new online community,

p. 41

At Home by Laura J. Snitzer

A boy strives to be just like his father—but where does that leave Mom?

p. 54

The Experts

Adoption Law by Janna J. Annest

Is open adoption the right choice for your family?

p. 10

Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, Ph.D.

Solutions to feeding fussy eaters.

p. 12

Single Parent by Lee Varon

What to consider when adopting a second time.

p. 14

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