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May/June 2010
Vol. 43 No. 3




Many Roads to Love by Colleen Calvani

Four mothers in open adoption--each with a diff erent level of contact--offer a glimpse into their relationships with birthparents during their first year home.
p. 30

China Adoption: A Look Back by Lisa Milbrand

More than 100,000 children have joined their families through adoption from China. AF takes a look at how these families are faring, and delves into the past, present, and future of that countryís program.
p. 35

Held in Our Hearts by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

All of our children have two sets of parents. How do we think about, talk about, fantasize about, and honor the birthparents on Motherís Day and Fatherís Day, birthdays, and year-round?
p. 39


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: Grand Plans by Diana Schwab

p. 43

Ages 3-5: Good Eats by Elaine Schulte, M.D.

p. 44

Ages 6-8: Through a Child's Eyes by Joni S. Mantell

p. 46

Ages 9-12: First Infatuations by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

p. 47

Ages 13+: Birth Family Online by Rita Taddonio

p. 49


From the Editor

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Mommy & Me Contest Winner

See the shot that stole our hearts, from the 600+ you uploaded to

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A forum for parents to connect.

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Ask AF

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• The latest adoption news

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• Notable new blog posts

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Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

p. 21

Living with Diversity by Catherine Anderson

It's all good hair (and patience, hard work, humility).

p. 22

Our Story by Tina Traster

The first months home were marked by chaos and mystery. Why couldn't mom and baby bond?

p. 24

About Birthparents by Heather Oswalt and Lori Holden

Two mothers talk about the "other dads" in their families' open adoptions.

p. 26

In My Opinion by Jeff Katz

Thoughts on the barriers to family that exist in our nation.

p. 29

Family Album

Reader photos we love, from our online community,

p. 42

At Home by Monica Cardoza

A simple plate can mean a lot to a child who has known hunger.

p. 54

The Experts

Single Parent by Lee Varon

Going it alone? Here's help.

p. 13

Adoption Law by Peter Wiernicki

Everything you need to know about naming your child.

p. 14

Older Child by Gregory Keck, Ph.D.

How to explain tough details about a birthparent.

p. 16

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