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January/February 2012
Vol. 45 No. 1




Open Adoption Through the Years by Barbara F. Meltz

How does the birth family relationship change as your newborn grows into a toddler, and then a teen? Read first-person stories about navigating contact and the expert advice that will keep your families strong.
p. 20

10 Commandments of Talking by Betsy Keefer Smalley, L.S.W., and Jayne E. Schooler

Observe these rules to foster an open atmosphere within your family.
p. 24

White Dad, Black Son by Terry Keleher

In a society that claims to be "color-blind," we must parent deliberately.
p. 26


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

The Early Years: Parenthood...This Is It! by Fran Eisenman

p. 28

Preschool: "Why Is Her Tummy Big?" by Joanne Solchany, Ph.D., and Fran Eisenman

p. 30

Elementary: Including Birth Siblings by Joey Nesler

p. 31

Middle & High School: Your Teen and Dating by Debbie B. Riley, M.S.

p. 33


From the Editor

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Ask AF

p. 8

Halloween Photo Contest Winners

p. 6

Adoption News & Notes

The latest news in adoption.

p. 14

Living with Diversity by Erin Ruggaber Howard

A mother of almost-twin toddlers writes that "black or white or other, we all need to be reminded that we are unique."

p. 16

How Did We Get Here? by Mary Ostyn

How to build the bonds, parent flexibly, and with arms wide open.

p. 18

Waiting Game by Joe Mills

In the baby clothing aisle, a soon-to-be dad falls in love.

p. 19

At Home by Sharon K. Trumpy

A mother shares the "new, unexpected, and amazing" attributes of her adopted son, of which no one talked about at the start of their adoption journey.

p. 38


Adoption Law by Peter J. Wiernicki, ESQ.

Establishing parentage in third-party reproduction.

p. 10

Transracial Parenting by Deborah Johnson

Combating "positive" stereotypes.

p. 11

Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

Expert advice on early intervention services for treating developmental problems in children.

p. 12

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