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May/June 2012
Vol. 45 No. 3




Sleep, Glorious Sleep by Katherine Mikkelson

Does a full night's sleep sound like a dream come true? Learn how other parents coped with bedtime struggles and night time wakings.
p. 22

Bringing Heritage Home by Lisa Milbrand

To build your child's pride in her culture, blend it into your everyday family life.
p. 24

Through a Child's Eyes by Lois Melina

Tune in to what children can understand about adoption at different ages, and your talks will become richer and more effective
p. 27


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

The Early Years: Unconditional Love by Fran Eisenman

p. 30

Preschool: Conquering Childhood Fears by Deborah Gray, MSW, MPA

p. 31

Elementary: When Abilities Differ by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

p. 32

Middle & High School: "You're Not My Real Mom!" by Jane Brown, MSW, and Bob Barnett

p. 33


From the Editor

p. 4


p. 5

Ask AF

p. 6

Kids & Pets Photo Contest Winners

p. 8

2011 Cost & Timing Data

How much does adoption cost? How long does it take?

p. 15

Adoption News & Notes

The latest news in adoption.

p. 16

Living with Diversity by Kristen Howerton

When children exclude based on race, what's a parent's role?

p. 18

Our Story by Gabriela Johnson

To many people, sharing DNA and giving birth are the prerequisites to being a "real" mom. Read how this adoptive mother defines motherhood.

p. 20

Waiting Game by Ellen Simon

"After my dream of a family through adoption had been planted, it grew in the warm soil of my backyard."

p. 21

At Home by Diane Hood

In answering the question, "What is family?", a mother reminds us that at its core, "a family is built on a foundation of two unrelated people who have committed their lives to each other. Adoption extends that definition to include another unrelated person."

p. 38


Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

An adoption expert explains how to share difficult information with your child's birth family.

p. 10

Adoption Medicine by Sarah Springer, M.D.

Expert advice on the practical aspects of bottle-feeding.

p. 11

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