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transracial adoption expert Beth Hall

Inside Transracial Adoption

A transracial adoption expert answers questions from parents about raising children who feel comfortable talking about race and form a strong racial identity.

Beth Hall is the co-author, with Gail Steinberg, of Inside Transracial Adoption: Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-Country or Domestic Adoption Families That Don't Match. Hall and Steinberg also co-founded Pact, An Adoption Alliance, which provides education, support, and placement services for birth parents, adoptive families, and children of color. Hall is the white adoptive mother of a Latina daughter and an African American son (both now young adults), and grew up with an adopted sister.

In her Inside Transracial Adoption expert webinar, Beth Hall addresses parents' questions, including:
  • How should I start talking about race with my very young child? Do I wait until she brings it up?
  • Do I need to find adult role models of my child's race, or will it be enough if he has friends of the same race?
  • My child is biracial. We don't know his birth father's race, but my son appears African American. How do we talk about his unknown racial makeup with him? Do we tell him what we think?
  • How, and when, do I tell my child about things like our country's history of slavery and segregation?
  • And more
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Read what people are saying about Beth Hall's webinar:
  • "Beth Hall was wonderful -- so wise, pragmatic, and brave as she tackled the complex experience of transracial adoption. How I wish we had an organization like PACT here in the Northeast! Thanks so much for this Webinar. I wish we'd had at least another hour."

  • "I loved Beth Hall's commentary. It was straight forward, honest, and filled with real-life examples. She is extremely down to earth and talks in ways I can relate as a parent. Thanks again for the information."

  • "Very relatable and great examples of how to turn everyday occurrences into learning situations. Thank you so much for offering this webinar. I know that it will change the way my daughter and I talk about race and racism."

  • "Her stories really helped me think about how we will talk to our child about race issues. We are in the home study process for domestic adoption. This webinar was VERY helpful and got me thinking a lot! Thank you!"

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