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2011 Back Issues

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November/December 2011
Vol. 44 No. 6
  • Announcing the sixth annual cover photo contest winners
  • Creative ways to advocate for adoption during National Adoption Awareness Month
  • Expert advice on explaining donor conception to your child
  • A special report on the transracial adoptee experience
  • Techniques and tools to get you started on creating a scrapbook for your child
Vol. 44 No. 6
September/October 2011
Vol. 44 No. 5
  • Selecting the right school for your child
  • Preparing for the adoption trip, and how to avoid travel headaches along the way
  • Expert advice to help meet your older child's needs and build attachment
  • How to discuss the harder aspects of adoption with your child
  • The steps to take when contacting expectant mothers before adoption
Vol. 44 No. 5
July/August 2011
Vol. 44 No. 4
  • When and how to bring up adoption with your child
  • The Best Books List: inspire, inform, and celebrate adoption with your children
  • What to prepare for when pursuing adoption
  • The ins and outs of finalization explained
  • A family shares what they wished they'd known before "the call" came
Vol. 44 No. 4
May/June 2011
Vol. 44 No. 3
  • Helping relatives who don't "get" adoption
  • Expert advice to help new parents get past post-adoption depression
  • Eight conversations to have with your teen
  • Readoption -- the final step -- explained
  • Is adoptive breastfeeding possible? One mom who's been there tells her tale.
Vol. 44 No. 3
March/April 2011
Vol. 44 No. 2
  • The results of AF's annual Cost and Timing of Adoption Survey
  • Explaining the birds and the bees
  • Three transracial adoptive families share their stories
  • Adoption leave: your legal rights
  • Before and after thoughts on becoming a mother via donor egg
Vol. 44 No. 2
January/February 2011
Vol. 44 No. 1
  • Adoption & Social Media
  • The nuts and bolts of baby care and bonding
  • Looking back on the wait
  • Addressing birthfathers' rights
  • Your child's story: to share or not to share?
Vol. 44 No. 1

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