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March/April 2007
Vol. 40 No. 2




Summer Heritage Guide by Renee Olson

Nine pages of great ways to instill ethnic pride in your child.
Plus: 2007 Heritage Camps & Culture Days, p. 35.

Searching for Birth Families by Carrie Howard

Families who search for their child's biological kin abroad are ushering in a new openness in international adoption. But the decision to search requires careful thought.
WEB EXTRA A complete resource guide at
p. 38

Temperament Tango by Lee Tobin McClain

Can a family with a mix of temperaments get along? Here's smart advice for achieving maximum harmony.
p. 44


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: Milestones That Matter by Sarah Springer, M.D.

Every child develops at his own pace. But there are signs you should watch for.

p. 48

Ages 3-5: Out of Order by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

Parents sometimes choose to adopt out of birth order. Can this work for your family?

p. 49

Ages 6-8: Sheer Perfection by Patty Cogen, Ed.D.

Some of our kids turn into perfectionists during grade school. Is there a link to adoption?

p. 50

Ages 9-12: Back to the Land by Fran Eisenman

Sometimes adopted children need to go back to their birthplaces to learn more about themselves.

p. 51

Ages 13+: Answering Tough Questions by Debbie B. Riley

As your teen's thinking becomes more sophisticated, she'll want to know more about her adoption.

p. 52


Ask AF

Affection in public — countries that allow singles to adopt — contact with birthgrandparents — and more.

p. 9

Bulletin Board

Holidays year-round — personalized storybooks — ways to celebrate Birthmother's Day — and more.

p. 11

Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

p. 12

Adoption News & Notes

Federal legislation reduces disruptions — New Jersey may increase access to birth records — Nepal opens new orphanages — and more.

p. 14

News Focus by Mary Child and David Youtz

What china's new regulations will mean for adoption.

p. 17


AF readers put traveling strollers to the test.

p. 18

Media Focus by Joanna Yeung

From folk singers to rappers, musicians are creating songs that reflect their adoption experiences.

p. 20

Our Story by Candace Timpte

When I couldn't travel to meet our new daughter, my husband went instead. But nothing could stop me from becoming Maura's mommy.

p. 22

Waiting Game by Jennifer Brown

Why should we miss out on the breath-holding, tiny-onesie-admiring, pink-and-blue joy of anticipating parenthood?

p. 24

About Birthparents by Angela Ferensic

Photos and letters are the only things my son's birthmother asked for. I hope what we send expresses our gratitude.

p. 25

In My Opinion by Stacy Clark

Yes, "gotcha" carries only a hint of the day's complicated meaning. But to me, Gotcha Day says it all.

p. 26

Single Parent by Laura Broadwell

My daughter is still very much a little girl. But with every passing week, it's easier to imagine her teen years.

p. 27

Family Album

Your photos, your moments.

p. 47


Help for sleepless parents — explaining racism — A.M. Homes's adoption memoir — fiction for young adults — and more.

p. 56

At Home by Sarah Kelly

A trip to the doctor's office reminds me of the love inside my son's perfect heart.

p. 70

The Experts

Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

Medical care for newborns.

p. 53

Parenting Transracially by Deborah Johnson

Understanding the danger of positive stereotypes.

p. 54

Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

Breaking bad news to birth families.

p. 55

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