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September/October 2007
Vol. 40 No. 5




School Savvy by Carrie Howard

For most parents, back-to-school means the return of homework and sack lunches. For AF readers, it might also signal the prospect of sticky assignments that deal with family.
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p. 30

Raising Sound Sleepers by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

Our strategies — for the first days and beyond — will help you overcome nighttime challenges, so every family member can get a good night's rest: establishing healthy bedtime rituals, when and how to co-sleep, stepping back once a bond's in place, and more.
p. 35

"Do I Love Him Yet?" by Melissa Fay Greene

Award-winning author Melissa Fay Greene vividly describes post-adoption depression — and AF readers share the complex emotions of their first days home.
p. 40


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: Nursing School by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

Even if you haven't given birth, breastfeeding may be possible, with a little preparation and a lot of patience.

p. 44

Ages 3-5: Whose Story Is It, Anyway? by Fran Eisenman

Preschoolers have a growing awareness of the conversations that take place around them — and about them. Here's how to share information in ways that respect your child's wishes.

p. 45

Ages 6-8: Preparing for School by Joanne Solchany, Ph.D.

For many kids, the first encounters with mean or inappropriate comments come when they enter kindergarten and first grade. Teach your child how to handle these encounters, with smart sample dialogues, dos and don'ts for parents and children, and much more.

p. 46

Ages 9-12: Color Your World by Jane A. Brown

Parents in transracial adoptive families can take steps to ensure their children grow up to value their heritage, even if they live in a community that lacks diversity. Here's how.

p. 48

Ages 13+: A Tangled Web by Debbie B. Riley

When teens look to the web for answers on adoption, can you step in — without overstepping?
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Bulletin Board

Scrumptious meals, helping schoolkids in need; international adoption states, and more.

p. 10

News & Notes

Senators advocate better care of foster kids and moms to special-needs babies; new networking site for adoptees; and more. Plus, international adoption update: China, Ethiopia, Russia, Korea, Guatemala, Nepal, and Ukraine.

p. 12

Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

p. 14

Ask AF

When to introduce a newborn to family members; separation anxiety; step-adoption; dealing with hurtful adoption comments at work; and more.

p. 16

Media Focus by Susan Avery

The popular children's show, Arthur, puts a spin on adoption.
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p. 18

About Birthparents by Tracy Hahn-Burkett

This family resisted plans of an open adoption. So how do they respond to an unexpected request for contact from a birthmom overseas?

p. 19

Waiting Game by Linda Claire

Prospective parents expect paperwork and a long wait, but not a complicated referral. Here, the choice one family made; plus, tips for surviving a declined referral.

p. 20

Single Parent by Laura Broadwell

As a tween daughter grows aware of how she fits in, will her loud, "uncool" mom crowd the scene?

p. 22

Our Story by Amy Lane

A family who plans against open adoption learns how "normal" and loving it can be.

p. 25

Parenting the Child Who Waited by Debra Zickafoose

Many new families unexpectedly find that an older child may reject one parent in the first few weeks. Here, one mom recalls how her child quickly bonded with everyone — but her.

p. 28

Family Album

Your photos, your moments.

p. 50

Book Reviews

Illustrated tale for kids and working moms; China Ghosts and a Q&A with first-time dad Jeff Gammage; and more.
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p. 55

At Home by Joseph P. Shuman

What is this child saying? It's a mystery happily left unsolved.

p. 70

The Experts

Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

Bond with baby, in the first days and beyond.

p. 52

Parenting Transracially by Deborah Johnson

Keep culture alive, but vary its role in the family routine as your child gets older.

p. 53

Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

Help your child complete tough assignments that focus on family.

p. 54

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