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January/February 2008
Vol. 41 No. 1




2006-2007 Survey Results: Adoption Cost & Timing

AF readers weigh in on the most recent wait times for the U.S. and five popular countries. Plus, a comparison of costs for domestic and international adoptions.
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SPECIAL REPORT: Raising African-American Children

Four adoptive moms, an adult adoptee, and a transracial-parenting expert share their thoughts on racism, mixed-race families, hair care, role models, and the importance of racial pride.
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Split Decision by Lisa Milbrand

You’re ready to adopt, but your spouse (or in-laws) are hesitant. How do you get your loved ones on board? Plus, readers share their stories of family members who eventually came around.
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Could It Be ADD? by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

In girls, ADHD is frequently mistaken for language disorders, or missed entirely. A longtime AF contributor and family physician describes her daughter’s winding path to diagnosis, and experts share why ADHD goes undiagnosed in girls.
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Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: Getting to Know You by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

You have just met your baby and you're thrilled! You are also nervous, proud, frightened, exhilarated, or even a little numb. Relax! With a little time (and practice), the two of you will be just fine.
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Ages 3-5: "I Want That, Too!" by Holly Van Gulden and Lisa Bartels-Rabb

Preschoolers believe that everyone experiences the world in the same way, and just want what those around them have. Here, we provide guidance on talking to your three- to five-year old about differences, and answering common questions.
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Ages 6-8: Eager Readers by Carol Peacock

Storybooks about adoption provide the chance to “try on” feelings and see which ones fit. Now that your grade-schooler is reading on her own, she may rediscover some simple books you used to read together.
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Ages 9-12: "Who Will I Look Like?" by Julie Michaels

As adoptees hit the tween years, they may wonder what their physical future holds. Here's how to support your child's exploration. Plus, resources to help your tween learn more about her body and maintain good self-esteem.

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Ages 13+: Talking with Your Teen by Bob Barnett

The teen years can be confusing, for both kids and their parents. Stumped by your teen's silences and questions? Here are three expert answers to common parenting dilemmas.

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Ask AF

Writing to a birth sibling; coping with a clingy toddler; empowering teens to handle racial teasing; and more.

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Bulletin Board

Ways to save on adoption travel; soft, huggable globes; a call to young authors; and more.

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Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

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News & Notes

Overseas adoptions decrease in 2007; the adoption tax credit rises; alert issued to Vietnam adopters; and more.

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Waiting Game by Barbara Sinsheimer

As a family waits 10 months to adopt their toddler son, a series of updated photos keeps them going.

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About Birthparents by Elizabeth Larsen

When one woman meets her daughter's Guatemalan birthmother, she learns what it means to be a "real" mom.

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Single Parent by Laura Broadwell

A nine-year-old becomes aware of social injustice—and does her part to promote fairness.

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Family Album

Your photos, your moments.
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Book Reviews

An ode to birthmoms; Russia roundup; documentary film picks; and more.

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At Home by Leah Van Divner

On opposite sides of an airport window, a mother and daughter connect—and begin a new life together.

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The Experts

Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

What parents should know about screening for and treating sickle cell anemia.
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Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

Bringing birthfathers into the adoption conversation.

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