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July/August 2008
Vol. 41 No. 4




Summer Reading Special

Four powerful excerpts selected by the editors of AF. Plus, our annual Best Books List for 2008, featuring titles, new and old, that will inspire, inform, and help you celebrate adoption with your kids.
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"Why Do You Ask?"

Two adoptive moms, a dad, and a sibling of an adoptee describe encounters they've had with nosy inquisitors—and tell us how they chose to respond.
WEB EXTRA: Find expert advice for talking to others about adoption.
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Searching Questions by Skila Brown

Adoptive parents all over the globe are seeking their children's first families—even before these kids voice an opinion on the matter. We pose seven questions to consider before embarking on a birthfamily search.
WEB EXTRA: Find sample letters, professional searchers, and other resources to help you search for your child's birthfamily.
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Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: A Striking Resemblance by Joni S. Mantell

"Matching" families may face fewer questions, but instead, they need to decide how much to share—and with whom.
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Ages 3-5: Listen Up! By Karen Gorman

Does your preschooler have a speech or language delay? Here's how to find out—and how to get help.
WEB EXTRA: Read our Special Report on Speech and Language Development.

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Ages 6-8: What's On Their Minds by Patty Cogen

As grade-school kids learn more about adoption, they begin to ask more questions. How do you respond?
WEB EXTRA: Download AF's Clip and Save article: Talking to Your Six- to Eight-Year Old.

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Ages 9-12: Finding Role Models By MaryBeth Lambe M.D.

As tweens start to develop a sense of identity, they look to others for guidance.
WEB EXTRA: Learn how a student exchange program can provide great role models for your kids in The Cultural Exchange.

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Ages 13+: When Parents Divorce by Debbie B. Riley

The breakup of a family can be especially hard for adopted teens. Here's why.

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• Songs crafted by love and adoption; reader poll results; a tip from AF's Photo Contest judges. Enter the contest here.

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The latest adoption news; comments from readers like you.

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• New-to-DVD picks for parents and kids.

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• The best portable document organizers to keep it together.

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From the Editor

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Ask AF

Answering questions in front of kids; referring to your child's birthmother; domestic adoption paperwork; and more

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Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

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And So It Begins

An adoptive mom sets out to breastfeed and wonders if the challenges—and comments from skeptics—are worth it.

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Our Story

This mom helped her kids find answers to their endless stream of questions in homemade adoption storybooks.

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Single Parent by Laura Broadwell

With no one else to fill her flip-flops, a mom heads out for a day with her athletic daughter.

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In My Opinion by Denise Roessle

When it comes to adoption language, we can and should use words that resonate with us.

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Family Album

Your photos, your moments.
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Book Reviews

A memoir of life in foster care; a roundup of books about religion; and more.

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At Home by Raquel Willerman

One mom looks beyond nature to discover that she's a magnificent fit for a family.

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The Experts

Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

How prenatal alcohol exposure affects your child.
WEB EXTRA:Read more articles by Dr. Borchers and other adoption medicine specialists at

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Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

Answering new questions as kids grow.
WEB EXTRA: Read more expert answers from Kathleen Silber on our Open Adoption Expert page.

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Parenting Transracially by Deborah Johnson

Guiding teens through friendships and the search for self.
WEB EXTRA: Find more articles by Deborah Johnson on our Transracial Adoption Expert page.

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