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September/October 2008
Vol. 41 No. 5




Classroom Presentation Primers

Ready to talk to your child's class about adoption? Before you face a classroom of curious kids, learn from the stories of these AF readers.
WEB EXTRA: Check out our top 17 ways to bring adoption into the classroom.
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Adoption Goes High-Tech by Lisa Milbrand

Adoptive parents are using technology more than ever to find a birthmother, connect with birth siblings, and chat with family while abroad. Four families share their tech-savvy journeys.
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The Birthparent Perspective by Lee McClain, Ph.D.

The results are in: A major study on domestic adoption from the National Institutes of Health reveals that open adoption is working well for all parties involved. Find out what adoptive parents and birthparents say is good about the process, and what could be better.
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Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: The Literary Baby by Lee McClain, Ph.D.

It's never too early to introduce your child to the benefits and joys of books.
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Ages 3-5: Off to Preschool! By Joanne Solchany, Ph.d.

As kids meet new friends, and their families, they face new questions about their past.

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Ages 6-8: Tell Me About Adoption! by Margaret Mintz and Ronny Diamond

When your child's classmates have questions, you can provide the answers.

p. 47

Ages 9-12: Honoring Their Differences By Fran Eisenman

Each of your children has his own talents and abilities. How do you play fair?

p. 48

Ages 13+: Surviving Cliques by Debbie B. Riley

Sometimes teens feel left out of the "in" crowd. Here's how to help.

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• A video that gives a realistic picture of the lives of birthparents in China; reader poll results. Plus, nominate an adoption-friendly employer at

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The latest adoption news; comments from readers like you.

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• Our favorite multicultural magazines for tweens and teens.

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• Readers rate new ways to record your child's first days home.

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From the Editor

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Ask AF

How to explain why there's no "daddy" in a single-parent family; dealing with sibling jealousy; pets and the homestudy; and more.

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Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

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Single Parent by Laura Broadwell

As her daughter becomes a "senior" in elementary school, a mom marvels over the person she has become.

p. 22

Our Story by Skila Brown

One mom discovers that love doesn't have to happen at first sight.

p. 23

About Birthparents by Lacey J. Nix

Seeing her daughter in person, happy and thriving, was the key to easing this birthmother's doubts.

p. 25

Been There by Christina Clark

An adoptive mom wonders how her son will remember the adoption process, and can't shake her own childhood image of a supermarket-style "baby market."

p. 26

Waiting Game by Tim McKeon

There is humor to be found in even the most mundane pre-adoption tasks.

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Family Album

Your photos, your moments.
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Book Reviews

A gorgeous coffee-table photo book; a memoir of a soap star's positive experience in foster care; and a children's book that chronicles the adventures of new brothers.

p. 59

At Home by Sheryl Grey

After her child's death, she didn't think she had the strength to love again. Then a foster child opened her heart.

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The Experts

Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

Dealing with feelings of guilt over the birthmother's grief.
WEB EXTRA: Read more expert answers from Kathleen Silber on our Open Adoption Expert page.

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Parenting Transracially by Deborah Johnson

How your child can respond to assumptions about culture.
WEB EXTRA: Find more articles by Deborah Johnson on our Transracial Adoption Expert page.

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Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

The reason your child may be struggling in school, and how you can help her succeed.
WEB EXTRA: Read more articles by Dr. Borchers and other adoption medicine specialists at

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