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March/April 2009
Vol. 42 No. 2




A Tale to Treasure by Lisa Milbrand

How to create an adoption storybook that your little one will pull off the shelf again and again.
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p. 29

Bringing Heritage Home by Rebecca Klein

Parents, adoption experts, and adult adoptees share ideas for meaningful, memorable heritage activities at every stage of your child's life.
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p. 34

New Paths to Parenthood by Elizabeth Larsen

A look at the advances in assisted reproductive technologies and how they are helping people build families.
p. 42


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: Sleeping Together by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

The family bed can help you bond with your newborn--if you use it safely.

p. 49

Ages 3-5: Stories or Lies? By JoAnne Solchany, Ph.D.

When to encourage your child's flights of fancy, and when to insist on truth-telling.

p. 50

Ages 6-8: Protecting--Not Overprotecting by Patty Cogen, Ed.D.

When should kids handle things on their own, and when should a parent step in?

p. 51

Ages 9-12: Growing Up and Growing Apart By Fran Eisenman

How to help you child when he is excluded from his peers.

p. 52

Ages 13+: Having the Talk by Debbie B. Riley

Talking with your teen about sex is necessary--and can turn into an emotional conversation about birthparents.

p. 53



• A moving TV drama that doesn't "dramatize" adoption

p. 13

The latest adoption news

p. 14

• Our picks for kid-friendly websites with adoption and foster-care themes

p. 15

• Readers review gift registries: Which ones did new moms rave about?

p. 16

From the Editor

p. 5


p. 6

Ask AF

An unknown birthfather, explaining kinship adoption, and more.

p. 10

Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

p. 18

News Focus: Adopting from Russia

What's changed in recent years, and what prospective parents can expect.

p. 19

Waiting Game by Billy Cuchens

A father reflects on how anxiety during the wait almost made him miss out on the joyful moments.

p. 23

Our Story by Ingrid Bakis

A doctor said their son would never walk--but his perseverance turned him into a dancer.

p. 25

And So It Begins by Megan Van Sant

A working mom negotiates maternity leave to bond with her newly adopted daughter.

p. 27


A storybook about nontraditional love; a guide to helping siblings throughout the adoption process; and more.

p. 59

At Home by Julianne Barclay

The election may have changed the face of politics, but this mom is saddened to find that racism still exists at home.

p. 66

The Experts

Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

How to answer when your child asks why she was "given up."
WEB EXTRA: Read more expert answers from Kathleen Silber on our Open Adoption Expert page.

p. 55

Single Parenting by Lee Varon, Ph.D.

Financial advice for parents raising families on one income.

p. 56

Adoption Law by Peter J. Wiernicki, Esq.

The legalities of assisted reproductive technologies.

p. 57

Older-Child Adoption by Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D.

Why parents must share all the details about a child's past.

p. 58

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