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September/October 2009
Vol. 42 No. 5




Bringing Up Adoption at School by Rebecca Klein

When our children start school, we must decide whether or not to speak with their teachers about adoption. Parents weigh in with their choices, and suggestions for starting the conversation.
p. 29

Hair Rules! by Joanna Yeung

Braids, pigtails, and curls--oh, my! If doing your child's hair is a challenge, you'll find tips and product advice from parents, specific to your little one's African, Hispanic, or Asian hair.
p. 34

A Growing Awareness by Joni S. Mantell, LCSW

As preteens begin to understand adoption, they experience more complex emotions. AF takes a look at what's going on in their minds, and offers advice for talking with them.
p. 38


Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: Routine Assessment by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

p. 45

Ages 3-5: Big-Kid School by Julie Michaels

p. 46

Ages 6-8: Showing Their Roots by Nancy Ng and Lansing Wood

p. 47

Ages 9-12: Stress at School by Jayne Schooler

p. 48

Ages 13+: Just Curious by Debbie B. Riley

p. 49



• A new sitcom finds humor in "typical" family life

p. 13

The latest adoption news

p. 14

• Your picks for new-parent gifts

p. 15

• Readers review products that help families co-sleep

p. 17

From the Editor

p. 5


p. 6


A new forum for parents to connect.

p. 8

Ask AF

p. 10

Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

p. 18

Waiting Game by Julie Corby

A mom-to-be explores the many stages of the waiting period.

p. 21

Our Story by Catherine Maryse Anderson

Is a mother's love the same for an adopted and a biological child?

p. 23

Living with Diversity by Becca Piper

The countries visited on heritage travel trips may vary, but the self-awareness the children experience is universal.

p. 25

About Birthparents by Lori Holden

When her daughter needs a calming presence, this mom takes her to "the well"--her birthmom.

p. 28


A foster family lovingly raises a monster baby in a charming children's book; siblings' reflections on transracial adoption; and a guide to calming temper tantrums.

p. 55

At Home by Billy Cuchens

An adopted child doesn't inherit a parent's personality traits--thank goodness.

p. 62

The Experts

Single Parents by Lee Varon, Ph.D.

"How can single parents find the time to get everything done without feeling overwhelmed?" Our expert offers suggestions for organizing, creating a flexible work schedule, and finding support.

p. 51

Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber

"When we adopted our son, our relationship with his birthmother was semi-open. Since then, it has grown more open, and we're discussing a visit." Advice from our expert on arranging a visit that works for all parties.

p. 52

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