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November/December 2009
Vol. 42 No. 6





From silly photos to the serious, the winners of our Fourth Annual Photo Contest celebrate the things that make our families special. ONLINE: See the winners and vote for ReadersŐ Choice at
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Becoming a Family

In honor of National Adoption Month, this November, AF takes an inside look at adopting a child from the foster care system. Four families share their foster adoption journeys. PLUS, celebrity fost/adopt mom Nia Vardalos talks one-on-one with Adoptive Families.
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Raising a Moral Child by Martha Nichols

Character-building can be undermined by loving parents. Help your child develop empathy in a me-focused world.
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Parenting tips and advice for every age and stage

Ages 0-2: Holiday Survival 101 by Sarah Springer, M.D.

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Ages 3-5: Keeping the Peace by JoAnne Solchany

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Ages 6-8: Thinking of Their First Families by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

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Ages 9-12: Reassuring Rituals by Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

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Ages 13+: Taking the Reins by Debbie B. Riley

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• Four fall and winter must-see programs on the small and silver screens

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The latest adoption news

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• Our picks of gifts that give back

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From the Editor

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A new forum for parents to connect.

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Ask AF

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Calendar of Events

Find an event for your family to attend.

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Been There by Deborah Jiang Stein

Born in prison, with the odds against her, an adoptee struggles to make peace with her roots, and with the family who gave her a second chance.

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Our Story by Colleen Wells

A mom with more misses than hits in the kitchen manages a Thanksgiving meal to remember.

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Waiting Game by Susan Staunton

Nesting dolls, hand-carved bears, schoolbooks: A collection of souvenirs picked up during an adoption stay abroad means the world--two worlds, actually--for one family and their long-awaited daughter.

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Beautiful picture books to introduce the new baby on the way, and a memoir of giving birth after adopting and raising a special-needs child.

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At Home by Sharon K. Trumpy

After reflecting, one parent makes it clear that adoption did not "save" her child.

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The Experts

Adoption Medicine by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

However old your child is when he joins your family, his sleep problems may stem from the initial adjustment period.

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Older-Child Adoption by Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D.

How to integrate a new child into a family with other children.

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Parenting Transracially by Deborah Johnson

The "do's and don'ts" for the first meeting with your adult child's in-laws.

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