Letters to the Editor, RE: October 2017

Readers share feedback about articles published in the October 2017 issue of Adoptive Families magazine.

Adoptive Families magazine October 2017 issue cover

RE: “Keeping Up Appearances”

Hair care is one area I worry about during the adoption process. I was not blessed with the natural ability to style hair and have little patience for the eye roll and “Are you serious?!” looks when I’ve asked for help learning and then struggle through it. I dread having any child who is very particular about her hair style. I’m hoping my stylist friends will be willing to do some one-on-one classes with me!
Aubrey • via Facebook

Like the author, my daughter has 4C hair! I can totally relate.
Trisha • via Facebook


RE: “Waiting on a Dream”

I can relate this this story, as we are waiting through a lengthy match now.
Jessica • via Facebook


RE: Parent-to-Parent: Like Birth Mother, Like Child

What talent or trait did my children inherit from birth family? My girls are both athletic and amazing dancers. I am terrible at both of these things, LOL, and I love watching them.
Amber • via Facebook

My four-year-old’s memory is crazy sharp, just like her birth mom’s.
Becky • via Facebook


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