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Nicole Mayer, RMA, RN, BSN, teaches baby care basics for your first weeks home. View the webinar replay now.

Baby Care for Adoptive Parents webinar

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The call could come any day, but are you prepared to care for a newborn? Adopting parents may be reluctant to attend a baby care class at their local hospital where they’d be surrounded by pregnant women. This webinar provides a comfortable way to learn about the basics of baby care from a registered nurse. Nicole Mayer, RMA, RN, BSN, reviewed feeding, formula, burping, bathing, cord care, and other practical aspects of your first weeks home, and attendees had a chance to ask their questions.

The Adoptive Families Baby Care for Adoptive Parents Webinar took place Tuesday, July 28, 1-2pm ET.

Nicole Mayer, RMA, RN, BSN, hosts a Baby Care for Adoptive Parents webinar

Nicole Mayer, RMA, RN, BSN, has worked in infertility and OBGYN nursing for more than a decade. She is the Senior Nurse in the OBGYN Department at Penn Fertility Care and presents baby care classes for adoptive parents and intended parents of gestational carrier agreements for IACC (Infertility & Adoption Counseling Center), on which this webinar is based (the IAC’s next in-person Baby Care Workshop will be in NYC on 9/19). Mayer holds infertility and adoption near and dear to her heart because she has family members who have gone through both adoption and extensive infertility treatment.

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Corrections and Resources: During the webinar, Nurse Mayer misspoke about the age at which to start tummy time. Per the American Academy of Pediatrics’ current recommendations, children should spend 3-5 minutes twice a day on their tummies starting at birth (increase the length of tummy time as baby grows).

When discussing colic, Nurse Mayer advised parents to take breaks to relieve stress, so they do not shake the baby and “cause SIDS.” The most immediate, harmful effect of shaking a baby is Shaken Baby Syndrome, or Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma. In mentioning SIDS, Nurse Mayer intended to say “SUDI,” which is a more general term to describe the Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant that is initially unexplained, but for which a cause (such as Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma) may eventually be determined.

For much more on adoptive breastfeeding, Adoptive Families recommends Breastfeeding Without Birthing (book and companion website).


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