Adoption Webinars - Learn from Leading Adoption Experts

Adoptive Families webinars offer opportunities to hear from leading adoption experts on pre- and post-adoption topics, whether as live Q&A webinars or on-demand replays.

woman filing for the adoption tax credit

Webinar Replay: The Adoption Tax Credit

Webinar Replay: The Adoption Tax Credit

View the replay of the “Adoption Tax Credit Webinar” with Becky Wilmoth, EA, for an overview of the credit—what is covered, what is not, how the guidelines differ for families that adopt internationally vs. domestically or from U.S. foster care, and how and when to file for it.

Register for the webinar "Parenting Advice from a Transracial Adoptee" on 5/19/16

Webinar Replay: Growing Up as a Transracial Adoptee

View the replay of this webinar with Deborah H. Johnson—on growing up as a transracial adoptee and what parents today need to know about talking about race and adoption, finding role models for their children, dealing with teasing, and more.

Register for the Parenting the Hurt Child Webinar with Regina Kupecky on 3/9/16

Webinar Replay – Parenting the Hurt Child

View the replay of the “Parenting the Hurt Child” webinar. Regina M. Kupecky, LSW, guides parents in understanding a newly adopted older child’s behavior and discuss what will work (and what to avoid) to help him heal and attach.